Gansu Tibetan Tours

Lofty mountains, endless grasslands, the history of the silk road and rich culture abound with GansuThe snow-capped mountains, mirror-like lakes, dense forests, endless meadow and splendid historical sites reveal the beauty of Tibet. Gansu and Tibet share a common Tibetan buddhist culture. Join us for a Gansu Tibetan tour, you can get a deep impression of the scenery and mysterious culture of western China.

Recommended Gansu Tibetan Tours

Gansu Tibetan Region mainly refers to Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. One county-level city(Hezuo city) and 7 counties(Zhouqu county, Zhuoni County, Lintan County, Diebu County, Xiahe County, Luqu County, Maqu County) are under its jurisdiction. Here below list some Tibet travel packages including Gansu.