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Saga County Overview

Chinese Name: 萨嘎县 English IPA: Saga Xian Location: Located in the northwest of Shigatse, Tibetan Autonomous Region Population (city): 12,513 Language: Tibetan Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Saga County is located in the northwest of Shigatse, southwest of Tibet. It acted as the center of the three counties of southern Shigatse. It is border to Angren County(昂仁县) and Nyelam County(聂木拉县) in east, Jilong County(吉隆县) and Nepal in south, Zhongba County(仲巴县) in west and Ngari Prefecture(阿里地区) in North. Tourists usually travel to Mt. Kailash(冈仁波齐峰) via Saga County during Tibet tour.

Highlights of Sagya County

▪ The Yarlung Zangbo River(雅鲁藏布江) originates from Jiema Yangzong Glacier(杰马央宗冰川) in Zhongba County(仲巴县) in the northern foothills of the Himalayas. It is the first great river in Tibet, which looks like a silver dragon. 

▪ Dajia Lake (打加错) is a lake in Saga County ,Shigatse Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It is located about half way between Lake Peiku and Zhari Namco, northeast of Saga.

▪ Nugong Monastery(努贡寺), located in the southeast of Saga County, Shigatse, Tibetan Autonomous Region, is 104 kilometers away from the county seat. The monastery built in 1182 AD is the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Nyingma sect(宁玛派).

▪ Tuqing Monastery(土庆寺): Located in the east of Saga County, Shigatse, Tibetan Autonomous Region, Tuqing Monastery(土庆寺) is 140 kilometers from the county seat. It was constructed in 1542 and is a monastery of the Gelug sect(土庆寺) of Tibetan Buddhism.

Buzha Monastery(布扎寺) which is 45 kilometers from the county seat is located in Xiongru Town(雄如乡), the southern part of Saga County, Shigatse, Tibet Autonomous Region. It was built in 1780 AD and is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Gelug sect(格鲁派).

Kuyu Monastery(库郁寺) is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Kagyu sect(噶举派), located in Kuyu Village(库郁村), Changguo Town(昌果乡), Saga County(萨嘎县), Shigatse of Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Dajiling Monastery(达吉岭寺) is located in the north of Saga County, 35 kilometers away from the county seat. The monastery of Gelug sect(格鲁派) in Tibetan Buddhism which was founded in 1729 AD is one of the sub-temples of the Jokhang Monastery(大昭寺) in Lhasa.

Other Destinations in Saga County

    Saga County Attractions

    Natural Scenery Due to the special location, the terrain in Saga County is higher in north than east. Mt. Kailash is standing in northwest and Himalaya Mountain Range is standing in south part of Saga County. There are over tens of small lakes in this area and 6 hot-springs. Rujao Hot-spring is the most famous as it is shade of a bowl with 30 square meters scale, and it is said to be helpful to many common disease such as stomachache, [...]

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    Saga County Tours

    Shigatze tour is one of the most attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists stunning and amazing views in Tibet. It couldn’t be better to travel to Saga County in Tibet. We provide some types of tour packages for visitors to Saga County. Here, we recommend and arrange some efficient and suitable tour routes and tour packages in Saga County, in Saga and even in the whole Tibet for the travelers to have a better trip and comfortable service. Here we list some attractive highlights in Saga County for visitors [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    The average temperature for the year in Saga is 29.3°F (-1.5°C). The warmest month, on average, is July with an average temperature of 46.2°F (7.9°C) while the coolest month on average is January, with an average temperature of 12.4°F (-10.9°C). The average amount of precipitation for the year in Saga is 11.1" (281.9 mm). The month with the most precipitation on average is August with 2.2" (55.9 mm) of precipitation while the month with the least precipitation on average is November [...]

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    As Shigatse is 480 kilometers away from Saga County and there are no shuttle bus or train direct to Saga County, visitors can drive there or have a car-pooling for about 9 hours. Meanwhile, visitors can have an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way. [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Most Tibetan festivals center around in spring and summer, including several grandest and most popular festivals. If you are planning to visit Tibet, you’d better refer to Tibetan festival calendar in advance. It will undoubtedly add a lot of wonderful unforgettable memories for your Tibet tour if you happen to come at the right time. Tibetan New Year Festival Tibetan New Year Festival, also known as Losar Festival, is the most significant festival in Tibet. Just as its name implies, the New Year [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Here are some travel tips we listed for the visitors so that the visitors can have an unforgettable and amazing trip in Saga County. Best Time to Go — Mid Spring to Late Autumn Spring in Tibet is April and May. Tibet will normally be reopened from early April. It’s a good time to travel, before the summer tourist crowds arrive. Tibet's summer time is a "sea of festivals", with thangka unrollings, horse races on the grasslands, and other significant Tibetan Buddhist events. [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To give the visitors a better trip in Saga County, we list some related maps about the county, including Saga County Maps, Saga County Tourist Maps, Saga County Map, and Saga County Location Map. [...]

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    Saga County Accommodation

    To offer visitors a more convenient trip in Saga County, Shigatse, we list several hotels for the latest and lowest prices for visitors to have a reference. 1. Saga Hotel,No.1 Deji Road, Saga County, Shigatse 2. Minzu Business Hotel, No. 2 Deji Road, Saga County, Shigatse 3. Shuxin Business Hotel, Near Gaoyuanhong Shopping Center, 219 State Road, Saga County, Shigatse [...]

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