Tibet Travel Permit FREE of Charge

Is Free to Get a Tibet Travel Permit

No, it isn’t. The Tibet Tourism Bureau does not charge anything to issue the permit. Any cost associated with processing the TTP is charged by the travel agency that you hire, and is usually just included in your tour price. Such charges are understandable due to the time and hassle required by the agency to send staff in person to both submit the application and return to pick it up.

Processing a Tibet Travel Permit takes a lot of time and human resources according to the governmental application regulations, including sorting out travel information, paper and electronic document preparation, delivering the original Tibet Travel Permit to guests, every link is not easy and takes more time. To some extent, the cost of the Tibet Travel Permit is acceptable for people who want to travel to Tibet. Of course, the cost is relatively reasonable and conforms to the related regulations. Generally, the fee is included in the tour package.

Nothing is impossible. If you want to get a Tibet Travel Permit for free, you can book a Tibet group tour package. To some extent, the human resources are greatly saved due to a group application. Therefore, we can offer the Tibet Travel Permit for free as part of the group tour package.

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