Kham Tibetan Tours

Kham is one of the three traditional Tibetan regions. It is a historic Tibetan area covering a land area largely divided between present-day Tibet Autonomous Region(Qamdo) and Sichuan(GarzeAba(part), Muli), with smaller portions located within Qinghai(Yushu), Gansu and Yunnan(Diqing) provinces of China. Due to the special ethnic culture and unique geographical environment, Kham Tibetan region has rich and colorful ethnic festivals, including Tibetan New Year, Horse Racing Festival, Wangguo Festival and so on. Join us for a Kham Tibetan Tours, you can get a deep impression of the scenery and mysterious Tibetan culture of western China.

Recommended Kham Tibetan Tours

Here below list some Tibetan tour packages including Kham Tibetan region like Yushu and Diqing.