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Sa’gya County Overview

Chinese Name: 萨迦县 English IPA: Sajia Xian Location: Located in Shigatse, Tibetan Autonomous Region Population (city): 47,304 Language: Tibetan Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Affiliated to the Tibet autonomous region of Shigatse(日喀则), Sagya County(萨迦县) is 150 kilometers away from Shigatse City, which covers an area of 7510 square kilometers with a total population of over 47304. The county is located between the Himalayas and the Gangdis Mountains(夏布曲河) higher in the north and lower in the middle. The highest peak in the county is 6092 meters above sea level. There are rivers like Chongqu River(冲曲河), Xiabuqu River(夏布曲河), and so on. There are also some famous monasteries of all kinds in the territory including Sakya Monastery(萨迦寺), Baima Qulin(白玛曲林), Chaopu(超浦), Juba(举巴), Kangjian(康坚), Renqingang Monastery(仁钦岗寺), etc.

Highlights of Sagya County

▪ The Sakya Monastery(萨迦寺) is divided into the south and north, two monasteries. The north monastery is located on the northern bank of Chongqu River(冲曲河), which was founded in the six years of the Northern Song Dynasty (1073 AD) with a really great scale. The south monastery which belongs to one of the four Tibetan Buddhism sects is the ancestral Sakya monastery. 

▪ Kawu Fawang Hot Spring(卡吾法王温泉) is 18 kilometers away from the county seat. It is the place where the Dharmaraja of Sakya sect(萨迦法王)had his bath. Cawu Hot Spring covers an area of about 0.5 square kilometers, with the water temperature keeping constantly at about 83 ℃. There are five oldest springs, namely: the more DuoquDian(多曲殿), Wuma Sisi(乌玛丝丝), Lama Yimi(拉玛衣米), Qiaqiong(恰琼), and Qiran(启然). 

▪ Chonglashan Peak-view Stage(冲拉山观峰台) is 15 kilometers away from Sagya county town. “Chong la” means “the place where wild yaks cry” in Tibetan. Here you can view the east slope of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, and the unique landscape of Mount Everest – the Qomolangma cloud.

▪ Natang Monastery(那唐寺):After Natang Monastery was accomplished, there are many famous monks here speak unknown method. The monastery had been broken once and then in 1987 rebuilt three halls on the ruins of the old one, which saved within the seven pieces of sixteen arhats stone carvings, a pair of footprints that the eighth abbot Jutun Menlangcuocheng(巨屯·门朗措成) left in his thirtieth on the stone of the monastery, and 8800 pieces of cultural relics including Kangyur《丹珠尔》.

▪ Gangqin Monastery(刚钦寺):Built in 1447 with the presiding of Sambuzasi(桑布扎西), Gangqin Monastery(刚钦寺) is 45 kilometers from Shigaze City and 3,800 meters above sea level. It belongs to Gelug sect(格鲁派) with eight palace halls and one main assembly hall, two Dratsang(扎仓)and five Micun Village(弥村). There enshrine the Pagoda of Sambuzasi in the main assembly hall. 50 meters away from the temple, there is a mysterious Guanxiang Lake, which is said that Sambuzasi dug out the lake that can view the future with his walking stick.

Other Destinations in Sa'gya County

    Sa'gya County Attractions

    There are many amazing and imposing attractions in Sagya County. Here we list most of the main attractions in Sagya County for visitors to have a better and more wonderful trip. The Sakya Monastery(萨迦寺) The Sakya Monastery(萨迦寺) is divided into the south and north, two monasteries. The north monastery is located on the northern bank of Chongqu River(冲曲河), which was founded in the six years of the Northern Song Dynasty (1073 AD) with a really great scale. The main buildings are Wuzi Lakang(乌孜拉康), [...]

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    Sa'gya County Tours

    Shigatze tour is one of the most attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists stunning and amazing views in Tibet. It couldn’t be better to travel to Sagya County in Tibet. We provide some types of tour packages for visitors to Sagya County. Here, we recommend and arrange some efficient and suitable tour routes and tour packages in Sagya County, in Sagya and even in the whole Tibet for the travelers to have a better trip and comfortable service. Here we list some attractive highlights in Sagya County for visitors [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Sagya County is a semi-arid monsoon climate zone with a vertical climate distribution. The annual rainfall is about 150 to 300 mm with the rainfall concentration season in June, July and August. Relatively frost-free period is about 70 to 100 days. Annual average temperature between 5-6 ℃. Winter mostly blows the southwest wind which is dry and cold with the sand; the summer wind is mostly from the southeast and southwest which is relatively warmer, belonging to the semi-arid zone. Best [...]

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    As for the transportation, we provide some suggestions for visitors to have a better choice traveling to Sagya, Shigatse. Shigatse-Sagya Coaches are available at the Shigatse Bus Station, 7:30 am-8:00 am, five-hour distance, approximate 27 yuan per person. Sagya-Shigatse The coaches will head back from Sagya the next day at the gate of the Sagya Hostel. Sagya- Lhatse/Shegar Go back to China Nepal Friendship Highway firstly by hitchhiking or taking a tractor, then taking the passing coach or thumbing for a lift. [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    To offer visitors a more than colorful trip in Sagya County, we list some festivals and activities in Sagya County. The Summer and Winter Vajra Dharma Assembly((夏季,冬季金刚神舞法会) Each year, Sakya Monastery(萨迦寺) will hold several religious ceremonies and activities, among which the summer and winter Vajra dharma assembly(金刚神舞法会) can be seen as the most unique and grandest. The winter dharma assembly(冬季神舞法会) will begin on November 19 in Tibetan calendar. During the dharma assembly, there are some divine dance performances. The dancers wearing different [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Here are some travel tips we listed for the visitors so that the visitors can have an unforgettable and amazing trip in Sagya County. Due to its high elevation, the climate of Sagya County is relatively hard, with an annual average temperature between 5-6 ℃. The months from November to next March are usually accompanied by quite low temperature while May to October is considered as the best travel time to Sagya. As Sagya County is located at an average altitude over 4,400 [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To give the visitors a better trip in Sagya County, we list some related maps about the county, including Sagya County Maps, Sagya County Tourist Maps, Sagya County Map, and Sagya County Location Map. [...]

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    Sa'gya County Accommodation

    Here we provide some suggested hotels in Sagya County to provide visitors a better and more convenient trip. Yuanfu Grand Hotel in Sagya County, Shigatse(日喀则萨迦元府大酒店): Located in No.1 Kelsang East Road(格桑东路), Sagya County, Shigatse Luwa Tibetan Hotel in Sagya, Shigatse(日喀则萨迦鲁娃藏家宾馆): Located in No.35 Baogang North Road(宝钢北路), Sagya County, Shigatse Sagya Shenhu Hotel(神湖萨迦宾馆): Located in No. 1 Kelsang West Road(格桑西路), Sagya County, Shigatse Shangjiu Hotel in Sagya, Shigatse(日喀则萨迦善久旅馆): Located in No.54 Baogang North Road(宝钢北路), Sagya County, SHigatse Shigatse Sagya Hotel(日喀则萨迦宾馆): Located in No.1 Kelsang Road(格桑路), Shigatse [...]

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