Train Schedule and Price

For people going to Tibet for the first time, taking a train is the top choice. Over 10 million tourists have hopped on Tibet trains on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to visit the Holy Land, Tibet. Normal speed trains has already been open to traffic since July 1, 2006. Numerous tourists have taken Tibet trains to Lhasa from the major cities of mainland China such as Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing,  Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Xining, Lanzhou, etc. 

According to the route and the season, the Tibet ticket fares vary differently. The longer you travel, the more it costs. The journey between Lhasa and Xining only take 24 hours while many other trains take about 3 days. So it’s more expensive taking the ride from Beijing, Shanghai or Guanzhou to Lhasa than from Xining. However, in the peak season from May to October, it is difficult to get train tickets to Tibet due to the great demand. So ticket scalping is common during these tourist peak seasons. Usually you’ll spend more to get a ticket to and fro Lhasa in the peak season., is a professional Tibet travel agency which has established stable relationship with the railway station tickets office. So if you are in need of help, we can provide the ticket booking service for you. From the below list, you can get the detailed information about the train schedule and ticket fare of each train to and fro Tibet.