Qomolangma Museum in Shigatse, Tibet

Qomolangma Museum or Mount Everest Museum in Shigatse(日喀则珠穆朗玛博物馆) is located in Tingri County, Shigatse of Tibet. It Covers an area of 21,778.02 square meters, the total construction area of Qomolangma Museum is 6,957.92 square meters, and the total investment of the project is 41,845,700 yuan, which is the largest county museum in Xigaze city.

The architectural style of Qomolangma Museum has a strong traditional Tibetan style and regional cultural characteristics. Building overall is divided into five layers, a layer, underground, after the completion of will become a collection, display, scientific research, education as one of the culture and art base, visitors can experience the Everest profound culture, further understand Everest national nature reserve and Everest national park in the local traditional living habits, local conditions and customs, traditional clothing, set harmonic, a harmonic animal and plant specimens and Everest fossils and stone.