Traditional Villages in Tibet

Traditional Chinese villages generally refer to villages that are formed earlier, have rich cultural and natural resources, have certain historical, cultural, economic, and social values ​​and should be protected. According to the published list of traditional Chinese villages, there are 19 traditional villages in Tibet on the list. As follows:

Traditional Villages in Tibet

The First Batch of Chinese Traditional Villages in Tibet

  • Yanjing Village of Naxizu Township in Markam County, Qamdo昌都地区芒康县纳西民族乡上盐井村
  • Junyong Village of Dongba Township in Zogang County, Qamdo昌都地区左贡县东坝乡军拥村
  • Rucun Village of Gongdang Township in Gyirong County, Shigatse日喀则地区吉隆县贡当乡汝村
  • Bangxing Village of Gyirong Town in Gyirong County, Shigatse日喀则地区吉隆县吉隆镇帮兴村
  • Cuogao Village of Cuogao Township in Gongbo’gyamda County, Shigatse林芝地区工布江达县错高乡错高村

The Second Batch of Chinese Traditional Villages in Tibet

  • Chikang Village in Jiama Township of Maizhokunggar County, Lhasa拉萨市墨竹工卡县甲玛乡赤康村

The Third Batch of Chinese Traditional Villages in Tibet

  • Lianba Village in Jangraxa Township of Lhunzhub County, Lhasa拉萨市林周县江热夏乡连巴村
  • Tunda Village in Toinba Township of Nyemo County, Lhasa拉萨市尼木县吞巴乡吞达村
  • Shuodu Village of Shuodu Town in Lhorong County, Qamdo昌都地区洛隆县硕督镇硕督村
  • Nancun Village of Wenbu Township in Nyima County, Nagqu那曲地区尼玛县文部乡南村
  • Midui Village of Yupu Township in Bome County, Nyingchi林芝地区波密县玉普乡米堆村

The Fourth Batch of Chinese Traditional Villages in Tibet

  • Gangga Village of Tobgyai Township in Namling County, Shigatse日喀则市南木林县土布加乡岗嘎村
  • Gangga Village of Gangga Town in Tingri County, Shigatse日喀则市定日县岗嘎镇岗嘎村
  • Jianbai Village of Tongmen Township in Xaitongmoin County, Shigatse日喀则市谢通门县通门乡坚白村
  • NO.1, 2, 3, 4 Residents’ Committees of Pali Town in Yadong County, Shigatse日喀则市亚东县帕里镇第一居委会,第二居委会,第三居委会,第四居委会
  • Zhaxigang Village of Lulang Town in Bayi District, Nyingchi林芝市巴宜区鲁朗镇扎西岗村
  • Rika Village of Bagai Township in Bome County, Nyingchi林芝市波密县八盖乡日卡村
  • Zhaxi Qudeng Village in Nêdong District, Shannan山南市乃东区扎西曲登村
  • Tangbuqi Village of Xiashui Township in Qonggyai County, Shannan山南市琼结县下水乡唐布齐行政村