Amdo Tibetan Tours

As an important part of vast Tibet, Amdo is located at the edge of Tibetan area. Historically, it was a large multi-ethnic area from the Machu River (Yellow River) to the Drichu river (Yangtse) and formed unique Amdo culture interwoven by Tibetan, han, hui, Mongolian, Qiang and other minorities. There are Grand glacier and snow-capped mountains, Mt. Kunlun, Yuzhu peak, and rushing headstream of rivers, such as Yellow River, Yangtze River, Yalong River, and Salween River are also situated in here. Qinghai Amdo Tibet tour brings you to explore the splendid religious culture, exquisite paintings, stunning natural scenery, and unique nomadic culture here. 

Recommended Amdo Tibetan Tours

Note: The scope of Amdo Tibetan area includes part of Aba prefecture in Sichuan, Gannan prefecture in Gansu, Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County and Qinghai(except Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture).