Is There Any Age-limit for Tibet Travel Permits

Is There Age Limits for Tibet Travel Permits

People may have the concern whether there are age limits when applying for the Tibet Travel Permit. In general, there are no age limits for applying for the Tibet Travel Permit. However, in consideration of safety, many people who are too old or too young will not go to Tibet.

According to the related data, no one is refused to get a Tibet Travel Permit due to the reason he/she is too young or too old. Of course, the traveler whose age is less than 1 years old traveled around Tibet with his/her families and a traveler in his 80s traveled around Tibet.

The age is not an indicator for applying for a Tibet Travel Permit and is never an obstacle for visiting Tibet. However, every traveler who wants to go to Tibet shall consult his/her physician before traveling. People can walk longer with healthy body.

Travel Tips

  • Those people who have these diseases, such as severe hypertension, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, severe altitude sickness, cannot go to Tibet. 
  • In case of an accident or severe high altitude sickness, do not bring young children to remote areas where have poor basic facilities and limited medical services.
  • Bring the regular daily medicine.

Although there are many natural conditions that are not adapted by the young and old. We recommend people can take a family tour, which are suitable for them. They can enjoy magical beauty of Tibet.