How to Get Tibet Travel Permit, Successful Application Tips

Without a Tibet Travel Permit, you cannot enter Tibet. Therefore, Tibet Travel Permit is very important for foreign tourists to Tibet. How to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit successfully? We will list some application tips in this part.

Application Tips for Applying Tibet Travel Permit

1. Know what the Tibet Travel Permit is.

The Tibet Travel Permit refers to non-Chinese citizens, non-Chinese passport holders, and non-Chinese identity card holders need to handle Tibet Entry Permit to enter Tibet. What is Tibet Travel Permit?

2. Prepare application documents

What you should prepare for applying Tibet Travel Permit is China Visa, passport and detailed tour itinerary. According to the visa you hold, you may need to prepare different documents. If you hold a tourist visa to apply for Tibet Travel Permit, you only need to provide scanned passport and visa. If you hold a work visa, visit visa, or study visa, you need to issue a work certificate or certificate letter when you provide the passport and visa. passport and visa are always needed. Besides, the Alien’s Travel Permit issued by the Public Security Bureau is required when tourists are planning to travel to the ‘unopened’ areas of Tibet, like Mount Everest Base Camp in Shigatse, Samye Monastery in Tsedang. The military area entry permit is required if tourists are planning to travel to some military sensitive areas in Tibet. Like Mount Kailash in Ngari, Rowok Lake in Chamdo.

3. Learn handling procedures

Since Tibet is one of the provinces in China, foreign tourists need to obtain Chinese visa first to enter China. Usually, for most international tourists, a China tourist visa will be enough. You should book a tour from a China travel agency and confirm your Tibet tour before applying Tibet Travel Permit. Then email your travel agency the Photo Image of Your Passport Information Page and Chinese Visa Page and the Photo of Yourself at least 20 days before your Tibet tour starts. The travel agency will submit your documents to Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa, once approved, the Tibet Travel Permit will be sent back to your authorized travel agency. Finally, your travel agency will send the original Tibet Travel Permit to you to board a flight or train to Tibet. If you are planning a Tibet tour, please contact us by Email:, or Phone: 0086-871-63511469, Wechat: 908400838, Emergency Call:+86-13668720322. Our attentive travel consultant will provide you more about Tibet Travel Permit and process Tibet Travel Permit for you.

4. More tips on applying for Tibet Travel Permit successfully.

    • Try not to list places that tourists are not allowed to visit as your destinations. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. For example, some”unopened” areas such as BomeShannanNgari, etc.

    • Avoid asking more than one travel agency to apply for the permit for you. Otherwise, the government will regard it as malicious competition among those agencies and reject the application.
    • Avoid traveling to Tibet in March. Since 2008, March has been a politically sensitive month in Tibet. There is occasional tightening of restrictions on travelers to Tibet. It is difficult to obtain Tibet permits in this month. Besides, during some special period like Tibetan New Year, Spring Festival and significant anniversary, Tibet could be closed. The specific time is subject to official notification.
    • Avoid visiting Tibet when significant conferences or political events are held in China. During such a period, the government will tighten security.
    • Try to find more travel mates. It is easier for a group to get the permit. If you are an individual traveler, it is best to join tour group. Tourists are not allowed to travel on their own during the period of their stay in Tibet, regardless of the number of visitors, the travel must be organized and planned.
    • It is best to submit your documents to your travel agency to apply for the permit one month in advance. Urgent application is not advisable.

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