Tibet Festival Tours

Our Tibet festival tours will bring you to take part in traditional Tibetan festivals and experience the customs of Tibet. Most Tibetan festivals are celebrated according to Tibetan calendar which is quite different from western ones. Therefore, travelers should first check the updated Tibetan lunar calendar’s festival when making a tour plan to Tibet. The festivals are the time for people to get together, dancing and singing. Traditional Tibetan festivals mostly have things to do with religion. However, nowadays, the festivals also celebrated for folk-custom and entertainment. 

Recommended Tibet Festival Tours

Travelers interested in traditional festivals and customs of Tibet should not miss our Tibet festival tours. The most popular festivals in Tibet are the famous Tibetan New Year, Gyantse Dama Festival, Saga Dawa Festival (religious month) and Shoton Festival(Yogurt Festival). Here below are some festivals tours in Tibet. 

Main Festivals in Tibet

Travel Tips for Tibet Travel