Tsomujiri Lake in Nyingchi

Tsomujiri Lake(措木及日湖) is located in Bayi District(巴宜区) of Nyingchi, Tibet.

Tsomujiri Lake also known as the “ice lake”, is an ancient moraine lake. Located 24 kilometers northwest of Bayi Town, Nyingchi area, about 4100 meters above sea level, it is the nearest ancient moraine lake in Bayi Town. The primeval forest dominated by fir and bamboo is well protected and is a natural oxygen bar. There are also rhododendrons, especially in autumn.

Tsomujiri Lake Located in the northeast corner of Bayi Town, an important town in the southeast of Tibet, the entrance of the scenic spot is 2 kilometers away from Bayi Town. It is the core area of The Sun God Mountain National Forest Park and also a national water conservancy scenic spot. Tsomujiri Lake Tibetan means the Guanyin Bodhisattva or the eyes of Guanyin Bodhisattva.

The Main Attractions in Tsomujiri Lake in Nyingchi
Gongbu Manor and ancient temple ruins(工布庄园和古寺庙遗址); Potala Palace sacred mountain(布达拉宫神山), marriage pine and hero tree / hero stone(姻缘松和英雄树/英雄石); sacred ox hoof printing stone(神牛蹄印石), natural Guanyin Goddess Buddha(天然观音神佛), God of wealth throne and filial piety stone(财神宝座及孝敬石); Baji pastoral residence(巴吉牧居); sacred ox prayer and prayer platform(神牛祈祷和祈寿台); ruins of old logging area and tea merchant ancient road(旧伐木区与茶商古道遗址); Tsomujiri Lake and Ancuo Lake(昂措湖), etc.
Especially, the Gongbu folk culture village at the entrance can experience the cultural essence of the Tibetan people.