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Chinese Name: 阿里地区 English IPA: Ngari Prefecture Location: In the west of Tibet Population (city): 304,000 Language: Tibetan and Han Language Zip code: 859000 Tel code: (+86) 0897 Time zone: UTC+8

Located at the junction of Himalayas, the Gangdise, the Kunlun Mountains and Karakorum Mountains, Ngari is a dream destination for both travelers and pilgrims who share the magnificent landscape, inspiring culture and friendship of local Tibetan together. Ngari is known as “the Ridge of the World’s Ridges” and “the most Tibetan part of Tibet”. It may well contain the most inaccessible part of the globe outside of polar regions.  Ngari houses the ruins of Guge Kingdom, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, pre-historic culture site, etc. The Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in Ngari area are regarded as the ‘sacred mountain’ and ‘holy lake’ while the ruins of Guge Kingdom brings you a mysterious Ngari.

Highlights of Ngari

  • Mount Kailash: Ngari is adorned with holy Mt. Kailash, the main peak of the Kangdese Mountains. It is the famous sacred mountain and the center of world regarded by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and Bonism. Kailash Pilgrimage Tour is mostly chosen one for tourists traveling to Tibet Ngari.  
  • Plateau Landscape: Ngari, a godforsaken wildness place, boasts unique natural plateau landscape, abundant lakes and snowy mountains. It will feast your eyes with the beautiful lake view of the Manasarovar Lake and Pangong Tso Lake,  as well as the magnificent scenery of mountains in Ngari. 
  • Monastery: Like other places in Tibet, Ngari also has many monastries, with Tholing Monastery as the most popular one.  It is the oldest monastery (or gompa) in the Ngari. Joining in our Culture Tours and explore the ancient and mysterious Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Ruins of Guge Kingdom: The Ruins of Guge Kingdom is a wonder of Nagri, considered as the old Summer Palace of Tibet. It is a ruin that records the brilliant cultural and artistic achievement of Guge Kingdom, especially its gorgeous murals. The Ruins of Guge Kingdom will be a window to the culture and history of Ngari.

Hot Destinations in Ngari

Other Destinations in Ngari

Ngari Attractions

Attractions in Ngari make it a dream destination for both travelers and pilgrims, although the tourist infrastructure is relatively undeveloped. The Mount Kailash (冈仁波齐峰) and Lake Manasarovar (玛旁雍措湖) in Ngari area are regarded as the "sacred mountain" and "holy lake", which are the must-see attractions in Ngari. The ruins of Guge Kingdom (古格王国遗址) also presents you a mysterious Ngari. Top Attractions in Ngari Mount Kailash Kora or Tibet Kailash pilgrimage tour is the mostly chosen one among tourists traveling to Tibet. If you are a fan of [...]

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Ngari Tours

Tibet Ngari Tours offer you one of the most popular and important trekking routes in the world, that is Kailash trekking tour.  Being one of the top destinations in Tibet, Nagri will never let you down. You can spend a leisure time around Manasarovar Lake (玛旁雍措湖) and immerse yourself in the strong Buddhist atmosphere by trekking around Mount Kailash (冈仁波齐峰) kora. You also can explore the mysterious ancient Tibetan culture in the ruins of Guge Kingdom. Mysterious Tibet can help you [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Ngari , China Climate & When to Go

Ngari Climate and Weather should be your first consideration when you plan Tibet Kailash Pilgrimage Tour. Ngari Prefecture is located  in the westmost of Tibet Autonomous Region with an altitude of 4,500m. The climate in Ngari is called a desert climate. There is virtually no rainfall all year long in Ngari. The climate here is classified as BWh by the Köppen-Geiger system.  Ngari Climate & Weather Features of Ngari Climate With an average altitude that exceeds 4,500 meters, Ngari is one of the highest areas of Tibet, and [...]

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Transportation, Ngari , China Transportation

Transportation in Ngari is not as that convenient as Lhasa. Highway transport is the main transport in Ngari. Ngari borders Nepal and India in the west, which makes it very convenient for pilgrims from Nepal, India to traveling to Ngari. How to Get to Ngari Outer transportation in Ngari mainly relies on highway transport. However, airlines are also available for some destinations. You may also arrive in Lhasa first and then take a plane from Lhasa to Ngari Gunsa Airport. [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Ngari festivals and activities tell you what to do during the festival tour in Ngari, and they will surely enrich your Tibet tour. Although the weather in Nagri is harsh, people there are hospitable. People dance and sing during the festival, enjoying Best local food.  After a taste of a cup of highland barley wine, yak butter tea or yogurt, you will be moved by the hospitality and happiness of the people in Ngari. Festivals in Ngari Various Tibetan festivals are [...]

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Travel Tips

This page offers some useful Ngari Travel Tips for you to get a better travel experience. These travel tips will also do when you plan Mount Kailash Kora and sightseeing visit to the beautiful Manasarovar Lake . Useful Numbers Here below are some useful numbers in Ngari for you in case of emergency while you are traveling (such as fire or traffic accidents), or have other complaints or questions. Fire 119 Police 110 Ambulance 120  Area code 0897 Weather Broadcast 121  Consumer Complaint 12315 Tibetan Antelope Transport Company Ltd. 0897-2822226 Coqên County Hospital 0897-2612171 People's Hospital of Ngari 0892-2821452 Ngari Post Office Management 0897-2825705 Read [...]

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Useful Maps

To help you have a better understanding of Ngari, we provide you different Ngari maps including Ngari transportation map, Ngari tourist attractions map, Ngari region map and Ngari location map, etc, through which you can probably know how to get to Ngari and what to discover there. [...]

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Ngari Accommodation

With the development of tourism, the accommodation in Ngari improves a lot but overall accommodation condition in Ngari, Tibet, is not satisfactory except for Shiquanhe Town. There are basically no bathing facilities in the hotels in Ngari, most of them are guesthouses. Bathrooms are rarely available in these hostels. The better hotels can not be easily booked, so you’d better book it in advance. Here are some hotels for your reference. The Best Comfortable 4-Star Hotels in Ngari Gil Jialehui Hotel (噶尔嘉乐汇大酒店) Tel: (0897)2989999 [...]

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