Tibet Train Facilities

Also known as Lhasa Express or Lhasa Skytrain, the trains to Tibet run on the only railway and the world’s highest railway to Lhasa: Qinghai-Tibet railway. All the trains are specially designed for the special elevation, temperature and other specific situations along the railroad to Lhasa.  These Tibet Train Facilities include unique oxygen supply system, as well as air-conditioning, supercharging system, altitude display and other advanced facilities to ensure a safe and comfort trip to Lhasa, which is regarded as the most comfortable in China. In addition, on the Tibet trains, there are soft sleeper cabins, hard sleeper cabins and hard seat cabins for passengers to choose. There is also a dining car offering three meals a day and kinds of snacks and drinks. The washrooms, the power outlets, medical service, English service… along with the breathtaking view, will make the trip full of surprise. The list below will introduce you the every detail of the train to Tibet.