Tibet Train Tours

Tibet Train Tours will offer you a very special experience to enjoy a memorable Tibet journey from the very beginning. Taking a train travel to Tibet is extremely popular because the scenery along the railway is amazing. You will feel so wonderful to take a train journey to Tibet. It’s also a good way to acclimatize to the gradual altitude and a money-saving way.

Recommended Tibet Train Tours

Daily or weekly trains run from the 7 gateway cities to Lhasa, including BeijingShanghaiChengdu, Guangzhou, ChongqingLanzhou and Xining. Tourists can also take a train at the stations on the the midway, such as Nanjing, Xian, Taiyuan, etc. Here below are some Tibet tour packages by Train. 

Tibet Train Tours From Xining

Tibet Train Tours From Shanghai

Tibet Train Tours From Beijing and Xian

Tibet Train Tours From Chengdu

Tibet Train Tours From Guangzhou

Tibet Trains