Tibet Mountain Climbing Tours

Tibet is depicted as the “Roof of the World”, a world of holy snowy mountains posing a great challenge to mountaineers who always want to scale new heights or climb mountains that have been climbed before. Over the years, this land of majestic mountains was shrouded in mystery and beyond the reach of most aspiring mountaineers and are popular among mountaineers who wish to test their strength and spirit and transcend the limits imposed by nature on human endeavor. With thin air and extreme altitude, it’s truly a test of mind and body as you tread on mountain trails, but a lifetime expedition. Our Tibet mountain climbing tours provide all kind of arrangements to climb these peaks including climbing permission from China Mountaineering association and we have good link with porters and yaks to loads for expedition as well as guides, food, etc, so we are able to operates mountaineering and expedition in Tibet in a professional way.

Recomended Mountain Climbing Tours

Here below are several mountain climbing tour packages in Tibet.

Travel Tips for Tibet Mountain Climbing Tours