3 Days Tibet Hiking Tour from Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen Town

Tsurphu Monastery – Yangpachen hiking

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Tsurphu Monastery – Yangpachen Monastery plateau hiking trip
Time: all year (April to October is the best)
Cost: RMB 24,000yuan / person, which includes 3days and 2nights. Train tickets and the full insurance of living are all involved.
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Qiangtang Grassland, Tsurphu Monastery, Yangpachen Geothermal, and Yangpachen Monastery
Exclusive originality
1.The origin of reincarnation of living Buddha: at an altitude of 2,400meters,Tsurphu Monastery is located in the upper of Tsurphu River that in the northwest of Lhasa, Doilungdegen District. It is the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhist reincarnation system, being built in 1189, and it had an reconstruction after 10years of turmoil. The living Buddha of the first large denomination in Tsurphu Monastery was recognized by the Chinese government after ten years of unrest. The monastery is the main monastery of the head of the Karma Kagyu lines of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet , which belongs to white Sect of Lamaism.
2.Ancient monastery: the main monastery of Tibet Buddhist karma Kagyu Red Hat series -Yangpachen Monastery .
3.Geothermal hot springs: Shannan Prefecture is the birthplace of Tibetan civilization, the first temple, the first palace, the first farm and so on.
4.Fairies on the plateau :Qiang tang Grassland was often called Northern Tibet Grassland, but the meaning Northern Open Space in Tibetan are more attractive. World endangered animals, like Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, Tibetan wild asses , are all enjoying their freedom to fly and play on the Northern Open area. This is not only the luck of the wild animals in northern Tibet, but also our human civilization and the Chinese nation’s luck.
5. Unique itinerary designs: we have plenty of stay for each place, so that you can get a real immersive experience.
6.Amazing price performance: Auto Insurance, Signing tickets and so on are all included, and what you need to do is just moving your fingers to call the Little Elk.

 Starting from Tibet all the way to visit the main monastery of Tibet Buddhist karma Kagyu Red Hat line – Surphu Monastery.
Explore the birthplace of reincarnation system of Tibetan Buddhist Living Buddha.
Encounter Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, Tibetan wild asses and other world endangered animals in the Northern Tibet Grassland.
Enjoy free flying and playful space on the Northern Open Ground.
Feel the magic of nature in Yangpachen,
Experience the beauty of plateau hot springs.

Specific stroke
Lhasa – Tsurphu Monastery – Le Ding Village
It is 70kilometers away from Lhasa to Tsurphu Monastery. There are two coaches, every morning from six to seven, and when the car is full, it starts off. The coach fare is 40yuan (a round-trip ticket). Travel about two hours and get to Tsurphu Monastery, by the way, Surphu Monastery does not need tickets now. After browsing for a few hours, you can departure to le Ding Village. If you on foot, more than 3hours approach le Ding Village. It is 10 kilometers away, of course, we can take a tractor, too. Remember that along a wide road is always right. Actually, Le Ding village is the herdsmen's spot of a few families, and it is in a ditch.

About eating: having breakfast in the Tibetan restaurant at the entrance of the monastery, lunch and dinner (road meal) will be set in the village of Le camp to eat.
About accommodation: sleeping in tents or living in the home of herdsmen in Le Ding village.
The sea level of Le Ding Village : 5000meters.
Le Ding village – Lhasa pass – Ba Co Village

It is 20kilometers away from the village of Le Ding Village to Ba Co Village , and there are two ways from Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen. The first way: starting from Le Ding Village, and uphill toward the North, After more than 3 hours, you will get to Lhasa pass, and then it takes another four hours to the Village of Ba Co. Looked down from the pass, you can see the Nyainqentanglha Mountains standing on Northern Tibet Grassland. It is really spectacular. Then along the path at the entrance of the pass and walk down the mountain toward the West, then along the river all the way to the bottom of the Ba Co Village. The second way: go along the West path from the road which you have walked on the first day. By the way,there is no forks and it can lead you to the smoothly pass, and there are Nimaduis on it. You can also see the Nyainqentanglha Mountains from this pass, but it is not as spectacular as He Pulled the Pass. A pass along the Valley Road. Walk about four hours and to meet the first road of the Valley, two river valley are round here, too. Out of the village, can you see Ba Co Village at the foot of the valley. About eating: breakfast (simple camp meal), lunch(open meal) and dinner (camp dinner) About accommodation: in tents or in the houses of herdsmen in Ba CO Village Altitude: the pass is at the altitude of 5,300meters.
Ba CO Village – Yangpachen Monastery -Yangpachen – Lhasa
It is 20kilometers away from Ba CO village to Yangpachen Monastery, 10kilometers away from Yangpachen Monastery to Yangpachen Town, and 90kilometers away from Yangpachen town to Lhasa.You can contact and charter a car in Bu Co Village to Yangpachen Monastery, and then to Yangpachen Town. At last, there are buses to Lhasa in the town.
About eating: breakfast (camp meals), lunch (road meals), dinner ( in Lhasa).
Accommodation: in Lhasa
Time: All year (April to October is the best)
Number: Four people can start the journey.
Professional tour guides will follow the whole trip.
Cost: RMB 2,400yuan / person, 3 days and 2 nights (train tickets, the full insurance of living are all involved)
The cost includes:
1. Accommodation fee: the standard rooms are provided at Shigatse and white dam. At Chen Tong and Qudang, family inns will be prepared. The rest places for camping.
2. Tickets fee: tickets for the attractions listed in the travel itinerary.
3. Transportation costs: the hire fees of formal travel cars
In the whole travel.
4. The salary of cooks.
5. The fees of renting yaks.
6. The fees of using public equipment.
7. The allowance of tour leader. (plus: Plateau travel insurance)
The cost is not included:
1.Traffic costs that from the departure to Lhasa .
2.Personal consumption during travel (such as hotel laundry service, international long-distance call, etc).
3. Single room difference (according to the actual situation of the hotel, in the case of soliciting opinions of the two sides, reasonable arrangements for housing or housing shortage alone).
4. The related expenses caused by the change of travel due to irresistible factors.
5. Not including taxes such as the need for ordinary VAT invoice, please pay 8%tax. If you need special VAT invoice , we will discussed separately (15% – 20% tax point).
[Note: if you have a disability certificate, certificate of officers, tour card, student card or other documents, please carry it with you, we will refund the reduced entrance ticket fee in accordance with the team agreement price.]
Retirement reform policy
The Policy of confirmation and cancellation :
(if there is an agreement on the commodity page, the main body of the commodity page)
1. When signing up, you need to pay 30% as the deposit to ensure the reserved position, the deposit is stipulated in the article.
2. Covering visa itinerary is handled by us, once the appointment is successful, the visa fee could not be refunded.
3. If Party A is refused, only the visa fee is deducted, and the deposit balance is returned to Party A; if not, the Party A cancels it by itself, the deposit is not refundable.
4. Please Party A pay all the group payment at the latest 7 days before departure.
5. Machine trip, once the ticket has been issued, it can not be rescheduled, be refunded, or be changed.
6. If the ticket is issued separately, the sum of money arrives at the account of Party B shall prevail. The company shall not bear the loss and liability caused by the delay in payment.
7. If you cannot start off because the number of members do not reach the group, Party B shall refund the deposit.
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Revised policy:
20days prior to the trip, deposit can be moved to other designated travel use, which need to negotiate ahead of time.
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