Travel always gets ineluctably related with shopping. People usually want to buy a memento back with them form the all kinds of places all over the world they have visited. Additionally, these small mementos also play an important role in keeping the memories of the places they have visited alive and fresh. To some extent, these small mementos are the evidences to certify where they once went. What’s more, memories will be lost with time elapsing. However, mementos always remind you where you went once. Every destination on the world has some unique items, which you cannot find them in any other place in the world. Even if they are found, their authenticity is questionable. Each and every location on this earth has some unique items that cannot be found in any other region in the world. Even if they are found, their authenticity is questionable.

Tibet is easy to ignite the spark of shopping for visitors under the attraction of enigmatic charm, culture and scenic splendor.

Where to Buy in Tibet

Your desire to buy in Tibet will not be strongest unless you are in Barkhor Street in Lhasa(拉萨八廓街). Barkhor Street is an epitome of Tibet since there are all the mementos that you can find in Tibet. The street surrounding the Jokhang Temple(大昭寺) in Lhasa is very important not only as the Kora Route(转山路线) but also as the mirror of the entire Tibet. Here, all mementos produced in Tibet are available. There are a large number of shops in Barkhor Street.

What to Buy

There are many wonderful mementos in complete different types that shall be undisputed to be taken back home, which can make your travel in Tibet unforgettable. Such as:

  • Religious objects: Tibetans believe in Buddhism. The best religious mementos that you can take back home from Tibet are Tibetan incense sticks, the Tibetan Thangka, the Tibetan pray wheels, Tibetan Buddha statues.
  • Handicrafts: Tibetan handicrafts are very popular all over the world, such as Tibetan rugs, Tibetan masks and Tibetan dagger.
  • Antiques: When you travelling to Tibet, antiques shall be the important mementos, such as the wooden bowls and the Tibetan Vajra.
  • Medicines: The Tibetan medicines like saffron,aweto and snow lotus are the popular medicinal herbs that they use for curative purposes.
  • Snacks: There are some of the best delicacies of Tibet, such as the instant packaged noodles, Lhasa beer, dried fried yak sausages, the corned meat made from yak meat and cheese.
  • Accessories: Tibetan jewels, bracelets, necklaces and amulets are beautiful.

Some Tips for Tibet Shopping

  • Barkhor Street is also the good place for shopping. There are full of beautiful things. Therefore, sharpen your eyes when you are shopping.
  • In order to avoid hassles, it is necessary to do some research before shopping.
  • Shop always with groups.
  • For purchasing Tibetan medicine, the Tibet hospital is the best choice.
  • It is good to buy the local specialties, such as Tibetan tea and the highland barley products, in supermarkets.
  • When you want to buy jewelry, it is better to buy in the certified shops.