City Tours

Adjacent to the world’s ten highest peaks, Tibet is the truly roof of the world. Known for snowy mountains, blue skies, crystal lakes and profound Tibetan culture, it is a dream destination for many travelers. Many cities of Tibet are well worth a visit of all time including the spiritual heart of Tibet – Lhasa, the home to the world’s summit – Shigatse, core of Khampa culture – Chamdo, horse-racing and Qiangtang prairie – Nagqu, the birthplace of Tibet civilization – Shannan, the “East Swizerland” and “Jiangnan of Tibet” – Nyingchi, new overland gateway to Kathmandu – Gyirong… Our city tours aim to show the fantastic sites offered in each Tibetan city and let you witness its people and culture. All the city tours can be taken individually or in combination to create your dream tour. If you just have a short stay at Tibet, our city tour will lead you to experience the highlights within a limited time!