Why Travel with Us?

We are based in Tibet.
Being based in Tibet’ picturesque city of Lhasa gives us many advantages over a foreign based company. We understand Tibet, and are familiar with each of the places our customers go.

Since we are based in Tibet we are able to frequently go out and inspect the quality of each destination, site, hotel, and restaurant, which allows us to ensure that all of our tours are unsurpassed in quality.

We are also constantly on the lookout for new and exciting sites to add to our itineraries to make our tours as comprehensive as possible.

We have more than 15 years experience in the Tibetan tourism industry
Because we have been working so long in the Tibetan tourism industry we have built many long standing partnerships with companies throughout Tibet. This ensures that we can provide knowledgeable tour guides, responsible drivers, flexible schedule arrangements, fantastic hotel accommodations, and exquisite cuisine, all at great prices. Because of our partnerships each customer of Mysterious Tibet can be ensured that their tour will be uninterrupted and flawless.

We are in direct contact with each of our customers
Because each of our customers is in direct contact with us, there is no middle man which saves each of our customers a great deal of money. Another advantage to dealing directly with us is that each customer is ensured of the highest quality Tibet tours. Because you are dealing directly with us, we know exactly what you want and can meet your every need.

Each tour is a private custom designed tour
Because each Mysterious Tibet’s tour is a private tour our customers will never be stuck in a group of strangers. Each tour is designed specifically for the customer taking it. This ensures that your tour is done your way. Every aspect of our tours are customizable and each person who fills out our inquiry form will be contacted within twenty-four hours by their own personal Travel Consultant who will work with them until their tour meets their every requirement. This ensures that each and every tour from Mysterious Tibet is perfect and unforgettable.

Each customer’s Travel Consultant will remain in contact with them until their tour is ended. The best part is that the customizing and tour designing is completely free.