Lhorong County Travel Tips

Qamdo Lhorong County Travel Tips:

Physical Features: It lies among the upper reaches of the Nujiang, Jinsha and Lancang rivers, in the Hengduan Mountains. High mountains and plateaus make up the main part of the region.

Local Highlights: Almost every month Tibet Lhorong County has festivals with different themes, and some of the traditions have been passed down for many generations. The Tibetan New Year is the most important and ceremonious traditional festival of the Tibetans. New Year's Day (the first day of the first month) of the Tibetan calendar is usually in February. During the fifth and the sixth months of the Tibetan calendar, a horse racing festival is held among the locals. In addition, monasteries hold religious festivals such as the Butter Lamp Festival in the first Tibetan month and the Saga Dawa Festival in the fourth Tibetan month. During these festivals devotees perform magnificent rituals and supplications.

Special Local Products: chang, rare herbs, Tibetan boots and knives, silver objects and decorations