Medog County Overview

Medog County, the last county that Yarlung Zangbu River runs through before it enters India, is the remotest place in Tibet where Moinba and Lhoba ethnic minorities inhabited. 'Medog' means covert lotus, famed as the Xishuangbanna in Tibet. The main part of famous Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon is located here. Boasting moderate climate and rich rainfall, Medog County has the best ecological protection and lowest altitude in Tibet.

 Basic Information of Medog County

● Chinese Name:  墨脱县

● Population: 14,040

● Area: 31394.67 square kilometers

● Zip code: 860700

● Dialing code: (+86) 0894

Climate in Medog County

The county has a mild subtropical climate. As the lowest area in Tibet Plateau, it is an ideal place in Tibet with the mildest climate, the most abundant rainfalls and the best preserved ecological environment. Known as Tibet’s Xishuangbanna. The annual average temperature is 16 ℃. The coldest month is January of 8.4 ℃ and the warmest month is July of 22.6℃. The annual frost free period of Medog County is 340 days and average annual rainfall is more than 2358 mm. 

Attractions in Medog County

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon(雅鲁藏布大峡谷): it's 504.6 km long, with an average depth of 2268 m and deepest areas even up to 6009 m. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world with a magnificent landscape.

Hanmi Waterfall(汗密瀑布): the waterfall cascades down the cliff from the hills behind. Tourists can enjoy a natural visual feast.

Tiger Mouth Waterfall(老虎嘴瀑布): the waterfall came down with a rush and a roar. It's very powerful and spectacular.

Beibeng Waterfall(背崩瀑布): The water drops from the plateau and forms a great waterfall. The white waterfall mixed with green hills provide tourists a charming wonderland. 

Travel Tips

1. Keep your backpack light. However, some necessities including alpenstock, sun glasses, sunscreen cream, lighter, penknife and water bottle shouldn’t be missed.
2. Bring some high-energy snacks, such as jerked beef, chocolate and energy sticks.
3. Bring a small medical kit, just in case.
4. Wear a pair of hiking shoes and gaiters to prevent leech bites. If you were bitten, use a lit cigarette or lighter to remove the leeches.

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