Nang County Festivals and Activities

Jindong  Renbushenshan Shengshui Festival(金东仁布神山圣水节) has a thousand years of history, which is celebrates every May 15th of Tibetan Calendar when People in Nang County will get together for the emergence of the dew and holy spring water from the mountain. They will celebrate together, singing and dancing, to thrive prosperous and wish the coming year life in peace.

Jindong Pastoralists Festival(金东牧民节) is mainly observed by the herdsmen every September 22nd of Tibetan Calendar. On that day local herders will be wearing with characteristic costumes, riding the yak, holding the incense, singing and dancing, and holding other rituals to thank herdsmen god Gongbu who give herders fruits in this year to give them a better harvest in the coming year.

The Wangguo Festival(望果节), which has a history of more than 1000 years, is widely popular in the rural areas of Tibet. Before people preparing harvest each year, Tibetan farmers in festival costumes, holding Qiema(grain bucket)切玛 which symbolizes a golden harvest, and highland barley wine, sing and dance in the farmland, to celebrate the harvest this year and wish a better harvest next year.

With the enhancement and improvement of the living standard of the Tibetan herdsman, the content of Wangguo Festival also changed a lot from pure religious festival to the festival activities rich in contents of horse racing, archery, singing and dancing, Tibetan opera, goods exchange. The festival which integrates literature, art, sports, and business, enriched the material and cultural life of the local Tibetan farmers and herdsmen in the masses.

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