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Tibet carpet is said to be the important flower in the Chinese carpet gardens with the unique technique of antique blanket. It is the main material of clothing, shoes and hats with a history of more than 200 years.

Gold and silver ware is a traditional Tibetan handicraft, which has a history of more than 1,000 years. There are two main types of gold and silver vessels: decorative items such as bracelet, headdress, scabbard and snuff, etc. The other kind is life supplies, such as wine pot, wine cup, dish and so on.

Tibetan walnut is one of the ancient tree species in Tibet. Legend has it that princess Wencheng was brought into Tibet from the mainland when she entered Tibet. The walnuts trees are widely distributed in the Lhoka Prefecture. There are many varieties of Lhoka Walnut, which are especially famous for "butter walnuts" and "egg walnuts" in Nedong District, Lhoka Prefecture. "Butter walnut" in Tibetan language is called "Qudaga" or "Madaga", which belongs to thin skin walnuts. The fruit of this variety is round, with egg yolk, thin shell, good quality, flavor and unique flavor.

Tsampa(糌粑) is one of the main foods of the Tibetan ethnic group for hundreds of years which are made by the fried highland barley grown in Tibetan Pletau.

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