Nyainrong County Attractions

Here in the county, visitors can view the beautiful and spectacular natural scenery of the hot spring and snow mountains.

Zhepo Caka Spring(折颇擦喀温泉): It is also known as Zhebo Chaka Spring, which means the Bear Spring. The hot spring which has a great effect on the treatment of various diseases is located in the northeast of Nyainrong County. It is surrounded by endless natural pastures, yaks and Tibetan sheep.

Zhuoru Zhadong Nabao Peak(卓如扎冬纳保峰): It is situated in the northeast of Nyainrong County,meaning mountain and valley formed of black rocks. There are natural pastures, yak, cattle-yak, sheep and goats at the foot of the hills.

Jiazan Zhanai Caiya Mountain(嘉赞扎乃蔡亚山): It is also known as Banan Nuobu Lazan Mountain seated within the region of Nyainrong County. It is said that the mountain which is red in color and majestic in momentum relies on the mountain god known as the son of Wodai Gongjie Snow Mountain.

Tinggei Suowa Angya Mountain(汀给索瓦昂亚山): The mountain god of Tinggei Suowa Angya Mountain is regarded as an important mountain god by the herdsmen of the county. At the foot of the mountain, there is a sacred lake called Niruo Cuogen Lake(逆若措根), which is the pilgrimage site in the county with beautiful snow mountains reflected in the pure lake .

Zama Bengzha Mountain(杂玛崩扎山): The peak of the mountain is full of the stone ripraps, the mountainside covers with the stones, and the mountain foot is the grassy slope, showing a beautiful and spectacular scene to visitors.