Rutog County Transportation

The China National Highway 219 passes through Rutog County.

Recommended Routes and Transportation
1. At Lhasa you can take a long-distance bus to Shiquanhe, costing CNY600-700. Upon arrival at Shiquanhe, you can take a direct bus to Rutog County, which is only around 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) from the destination. There you can rent a car for the rest of the journey. Or you can rent a car at Shiquanhe to reach the attraction directly.
2. Fly from Lhasa to Ngari, where you can rent a car to the attraction. On the way, you can also visit Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarova, Ruins of Guge Kingdom, Tholing Monastery etc.
3. If there is sufficient time and budget, you can also rent a car at Lhasa and drive there. It may be expensive, but well worth the money as well as time-saving.

Note: (1) To rent a car, it is suggested you turn to local travel agencies, as they generally offer acceptable charges.
(2) Generally speaking, you should rent an SUV if you are traveling to a remote areas as the road conditions can be a little tough.