Shuanghu County Overview

Located in the northern Changtang Plateau, with an average elevation of 5,000 meters above the sea level, Shuanghu County is the world’s highest county-level district within the Nagqu Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China which means two lakes including Kangru lake and Rejiao lake. Shuanghu County, formerly Shuanghu Agency, is formally found on July 26, 2013 and has been the youngest county-level district in China. At present, Shuanghu County has its own People's Congress, Political Consultative, procuratorate, court and other administrative units.

‣ Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 双湖县
  • Surface: 11.67 Square km 
  • Location: Northwest of Northern Tibetan Plateau of Tibet Autonomous Region
  • Whether: Cold

‣ Attractions

• The Puruogangri Ice Field: The Puruogangri, the largest modern ice field in the Tibetan Plateau with an area of over 400 km2 in total, is in the inner plateau although it is very difficult to reach,

• Dagze Lake: It is one of many inland lakes in Tibet, with a present area of 260 km² (100 square miles). In glacial times, the region was considerably wetter, and lakes were correspondingly much larger.

• Nagqu Active Volcano: In fact, there is something about trekking up an active volcano that feels fundamentally human. Nothing survives at the top of a volcano. No vegetation; even birds avoid flying by them. Often, the only signs of life near the fuming sulphur pits and rivers of lava, are the humans staring right into them.

‣ Climate

Shuanghu county is subfrigid zone arid climate.The annual non-frost period is less than 60 days, and the high winds of the 8th grade or above are as high as 200 days. The freezing time exceeds 280 days with the annual average temperature of minus 5 degrees Celsius.The annual temperature difference is greater than the daily temperature.

‣ Travel Tips

Avoid High Altitude Reaction:

• With the high altitude of about 5000 meters, changeable weather and strong wind during the day and night in Shuanghu, you’d better bring some warm clothes and medicine. Please remember to bring sunglasses with you.
• Meanwhile, please do not act and move too fast even though you're taking photos and enjoying the stunning views. Traveling • • Time : one day
Entrance Fee : for free
Opening Time : 24 hours

‣ Transportation

You can reach Shuanghu by train, plane or bus. Meanwhile, the transportation is very convenient in Shuanghu such as metro, bus and ship, which can help you reach everywhere in the city. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Shuanghu, giving you a perfect travel service at your leisure.                         

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