Sog County Overview

Sog County is a county within the Nagqu Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region which lies in the extreme western part of the former province of Kham.

‣ Basic Information of Lhatse

• Chinese Name: 索县
• Surface: 5600 Square km
• Location: Located Nagqu City of Tibet Autonomous Region
• Coordinates: 31.1°~31.9°N /93.5°~95.0°E
• Whether: Abrupt and changeable

‣  Climate

The Sog County is attached to the subarctic monsoon climate with thin air, low temperature, abundant sunshine and large temperature difference.Annual frost-free period is only about 40 days with the annual sunshine of 2477.2 hours,  annual rainfall of 572.9 millimeters and annual average temperature of - 2 ℃.

‣  Attractions

Zandan Monastery(赞丹寺): Founded in 1668 at the period of Fifth Dalai Lama, about 220 kilometers away from the Nagqu Prefecture, Zandan Monastery is the temple built on the top of the Yala Mountain with magnificent white buildings, which resembles the Potala Palace.

Bonner Temple(邦纳寺): Located to the west of the Sechang Village(色昌乡) of Sog County, the Bonner Temple, also known as the Badan Bonner Temple, was founded by the master Shichong Garmahan. As a Tibetan buddhist monastery, it is mainly composed of oratory, the room, porch, the traditional Tibetan bleaching room with the decoratio of Chinese style.

Yaan Cave Hot Springs(亚安岩洞温泉): Located in the Sog County of Nagqu Prefecture, the hot springs is the natural deep and clear ones with a piece of green turquoise at the bottom, looking like a turquoise set in the bottom of a spring.There are colorful fishes swimming in the springs.

Bujia Snow Mountain and Bujia Glacie(布加雪山,冰川): The snow mountain (glacier) is located in Yuxiong Village of Rongbu Town in Sog County with an altitude of 7328 meters above sea level which is one of the seven sacred mountains in Tibet.

Yala Mountain(雅拉山): Located on the north side of Yala Town of Sog County, thE mountain was an important boundary in the division of Qing, Tibet and Kang in ancient times.

Qiongxionggou Valley Scenic Area(穹雄沟风景区): Located in the southeast of Nagqu Prefecture with an altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level, there are magnificent snow-capped mountains (Bujia Snow Mountain), white glacier (Bujia Glacier), green jade lake, the vast grassland, unique stone baker in the Qiongxionggou Valley Scenic Area.

‣ Travel Tips

Every tourists need the travel tips listed below when traveling to Sog County.
Avoid High Altitude Reaction:
●With the high altitude of about 5000 meters, changeable weather and strong wind during the day and night in Sog County, you’d better bring some warm clothes and medicine. Please remember to bring sunglasses with you.
● Meanwhile, please do not act and move too fast even though you're taking photos and enjoying the stunning views.