Tibet Administrative Divisions

Tibet Autonomous Region has jurisdiction 6 prefecture-level cities and 1 prefecture. It is further divided into 74 districts and counties.

Six Prefecture-level Cities: Lhasa City(拉萨市), Shigatse City(日喀则市), Chamdo City(昌都市), Nyingchi City(林芝市), Shannan City(山南市), Nagqu City(那曲市).

One Prefecture: Ngari Prefecture(阿里地区)

Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Lhasa City Chengguan District Chengguan District(城关区), Doilungdeqen District(堆龙德庆区), Dagze District(达孜区), Lhunzhub County(林周县), Nyemo County(尼木县), Damxung County(当雄县), Quxu County(曲水县), Maizhokunggar County(墨竹工卡县)
Shigatse City

Samzhubze District

Samzhubze District(桑珠孜区), Namling County(南木林县), Gyangze County(江孜县), Tingri County(定日县), Saga County(萨嘎县), Lhaze County(拉孜县), Ngamring County(昂仁县), Xaitongmoin County(谢通门县), Bainang County(白朗县), Rinbung County(仁布县), Kangmar County(康马县), Dinggye County(定结县), Zhongba County(仲巴县), Yadong County(亚东县), Gyirong County(吉隆县), Nyalam County(聂拉木县), Sa'gya County(萨迦县), Gamba County(岗巴县)

Chamdo City Karub District Karub District(卡若区), Zhagyab County(察雅县), Zogang County(左贡县), Markam County(芒康县), Lhorong County(洛隆县), Banbar County(边坝县), Jomda County(江达县), Gonjo County(贡觉县), Dengqen County(丁青县), Baxoi County(八宿县), Riwoqe County(类乌齐县)
Shannan City Nedong District Nedong District(乃东区), Zhanang County(扎囊县), Gonggar County(贡嘎县), Sangri County(桑日县), Qonggyai County(琼结县), Lhozhag County(洛扎县), Gyaca County(加查县), Lhunzi County(隆子县), Qusum County(曲松县), Comai County(措美县), Cona County(错那县), Nagarze County(浪卡子县)
Nyingchi City Bayi District Bayi District(巴宜区), Mainling County(米林县), Medog County(墨脱县), Zayu County(察隅县), Bome County(波密县), Nang County(朗县), Gongbogyamda County(工布江达县)
Nagqu City Seni District Seni District(色尼区), Xainza County(申扎县), Baingoin County(班戈县), Nyainrong County(聂荣县), Amdo County(安多县), Lhari County(嘉黎县), Baqen County(巴青县), Biru County(比如县), Sog County(索县), Nyima County(尼玛县)
Ngari Prefecture Gar County Gar County(噶尔县), Burang County(普兰县), Zanda County(札达县), Rutog County(日土县), Gegyai County(革吉县), Gerze County(改则县), Coqen County(措勤县)

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