Leon Liu

Name: Leon  Liu
Position: Manager of Web Programmer
My name is Leon Liu. Hunan province is my hometown. I’m the website developer of Y China Tours. I had worked in the computer relate areas for almost 20 years. I’m an expert at Linux, website framework, and Oracle. I had participated in and take charge of many international website design and revision projects.I love wordpress, and I’m good at deploying WordPress on LAMP and LNMP. I have contributed more than 100 thousands lines of codes on github.com. Other than computer, I also love to travel. I already travel around entire China. Sunset of Henshan mountains, catkin of west lake, the night views of the Huangpu River, horse ride on Gongel, and Great Wall. I had great memories in all of these beautiful places in China. And I’m willing to share my experience with everyone.