Protection Area of Traditional Ethnic Culture in Tibet

China is a unified multi-ethnic country. The cultures of ethnic minorities play a crucial role in the Chinese civilization. The main ethnic group living in Tibet is Tibetan. Brilliant cultural heritages created by Tibetan people, including the tangible cultural heritages and the intangible cultural heritages in Tibet, are the fundamental components of the cultural protection. The Chinese government has always attached great importance to protecting and developing the cultures of ethnic minorities and has made certain achievements. Protection Areas of Traditional Ethnic Culture in Tibet have made great contribution to the achievements.

Protection Area Category Project Name
Tibet Gyantse Carpet Factory西藏自治区江孜地毯厂  Traditional Skill Tibetan Bangdian and Kazhi Handicraft Art(藏族邦典、卡垫织造技艺)
Tibetan Region Medicine Factory西藏自治区藏药厂 Traditional Medicine Tibetan Pharmacopeia and Herbal Preparation of Rannasangpei (RNSP)(藏药七十味珍珠丸配伍技艺)
Tibet Lhasa Guyi Construction Art Department拉萨市城关区古艺建筑美术公司 Traditional Skill Manufacturing Process Technology of Mineral and Plant Pigment(藏族矿植物颜料制作技艺)
Tibet Thangka Painting Academy西藏唐卡画院 Traditional Art Miansa Painting of Tangka Painting藏族唐卡(勉萨画派)