11 Days Tibet Travel Itinerary

Since 11 days is a long time, our 11 days Tibet tours can be connected with some gateway cities in China, like Xi’anBeijingXining, Shanghai  and Chengdu. And when you travel in Tibet, besides Lhasa and Shigatse these two hot destinations, you can also go to Nyingchi, as well as Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova in Ngari to have a deeper explore of Tibet. You can even depart from Kathmandu Nepal to start your Tibet travel. 

11 Days Best Tibet Tours

Our 11 days best Tibet tours mainly include Lhasa, Shigatse, Mount Everest and Nyingchi four popular destinations.

11 Days Tibet Pilgrimage Tour

Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova are known as holy mountain and sacred lake in Tibet. Every year, a crowd of believers come to pilgrimage. This 11 days Tibet pilgrimage tour is designed for those who want to visit Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarova.

11 Days Tibet China Tours

Our 11 days Tibet China Tours cover the Tibet travel from Chengdu, Beijing, Xining and Shanghai, etc.