Qamdo, which means“juncture of rivers” in Tibetan language, is located in east Tibet, lying in Hengduan Mountains and basin of Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nu River.  In ancient time, Qamdo is the important stop of Tea Horse Route in business. Though the commercial role fades nowadays, it still is a must pass from Sichuan or Yunnan Province to east Tibet. Large number of small freshwater lakes and the most concentrated glaciers in Qinghai Tibet Plateau make it one of the major farming and animal husbandry districts in Tibet. It is also famed as the “Pearl of Tibet” due to its pivot position on Tibetan commerce and trade. Qamdo houses the famous attractions such as Rawok Lake,  Galden Jampaling MonasteryKarub ruins and Lhegu Glaciers, etc. We provides you Qamdo tours of various themes such as Qamdo Birding Tours , Qamdo Cycling Tours and Qamdo Hiking Tours for your choice, as well as Qamdo travel guide for your references.