Travel to Tibet and Discover Mount Everest and Mount Kailash

Travel to Tibet and Discover Mount Everest and Mount Kailash mainly introduces the brief introduction of Tibet and Mysterious Tibet and the most popular travel destinations in Tibet. What’s more, Mysterious Tibet introduces the best-selling Tibet Tours and all kinds of theme tours for people who plan to travel in Tibet.

Brief Introduction of Tibet

Located in the west of the Central and isolated on the remote Himalayan Plateau, Tibet is every traveler’s dream. It attracts millions of travelers each year to explore its unique Tibetan culture, and the pure and magnificent scenery. There are so many Buddhist buildings in Tibet due to Tibetans’ strong culture of faith. The oldest and most popular ones include Jokhang Temple, the Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, and Samye Monastery. You can also catch the sight of the crystal-like lakes, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and grasslands. Tibet is divided into one municipality and six prefectures, with Lhasa its municipality and ShigatseNgariShannanChamdoNagqu as well as Nyingchi. Among these prefectures, Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi are the most popular among travelers.

Mysterious Tibet, unique ethnic culture experience!

Mysterious Tibet is a subsidiary corporation of Trans-Asia Discovery International Travel Service (亚索国际旅业), a professional online travel agency with a history of 14 years in China. We are specialized in offering classic China Tibet tours, Tibetan culture tours, Yunnan Tibet Tours and some other theme tours to all people who are going to enjoy the fabulous sceneries of this wonderland and discover the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism as well as the ethnic groups in Tibet. We will meet your specific needs by customizing private tours for you. In addition, our professional customer-service representatives are dedicated & scrupulous and they are so clear about how to explore Tibet in a best way. We are here to help you to start your trip in Tibet and welcome to Tibet!

Most Popular Travel Destinations in Tibet

Tibet is divided into one municipality and six prefectures, with Lhasa its municipality and ShigatseNgariShannanChamdoNagqu as well as Nyingchi. It is such a spectacular place that there are too many things for you to explore. It is the traditional homeland of the Tibetan people as well as some other ethnic groups. Entering Tibet, you feel as though you’ve entered an entirely different world. It offers fabulous monasteries, stunning mountain sceneries, unique Tibetan culture, etc. Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet, is the most popular and the hottest destination in Tibet travel which is well-known for its fascinating landscapes, mysterious thousand-year-old history, and splendid Tibetan culture. Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet, known as the the gate to Mount Everest and the seat of Penchen Lama. Literally meaning the Throne of Sun, Nyingchi is renowned as the “East Swizerland” and “Jiangnan of Tibet”, blessed with beautiful lakes, deep gorges, immense forests, azalea-filled meadows… Discover authentic Tibet with a choice of Tibet vacations & tours from experts, specialists & responsible Tibet operators.

Best-selling Tibet Tours

Plan your Tibet Tours with Mysterious Tibet. Visit the iconic landmarks of 1300-year-old Lhasa – Potala Palace; do a trekking around Mount Kailash; go to Mount Everest Base Camp to complete the Tibet Travel Packages; meet the beauty of the “Heavenly Lake” in Tibetan – Namtso Lake. What more, go over the Tibet-Nepal border to Kathmandu through Gyirong Port… We have designed the best-selling Tibet tour packages below. For the first travelers, we have selected the best Tibet tours with classic sights, personal touches and experiences. We can also arrange a customized and flexible travel deal for an adventure in the mysterious Tibet that you have always dreamed of!

More about Best Tibet Tours

Top Tibet Themes Tours

Mount Everest Base Camp Tours

For active adventurers who are not afraid to pant their way up to the mountain, the Mount Everest Base Camp tour will bring you close to local cultures before opening a window to the top of the world. Everest Base Camp has two base camps on opposite sides of Mount Everest South Base. One is in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364 meters(17,598 ft), and the other is in Tibet at 5,150 meters(16,900 ft). Everest is more than a mountain and a trekking journey to its base camp. Along a route depicted by some as “the steps to heaven,” every bend in the trail provides another photo opportunity-beautiful forests, Sherpa villages, glacial moraines, and foothills.

Best Tibet Tours

No matter it is your first trip or the tenth in Tibet, Mysterious Tibet always offer you endless opportunities for exploration. The diversity of our best Tibet tour packages cover all highlights in Tibet, ranging from the renowned historic sites to breathtaking scenery. Our top Tibet tours take you to seize the best sights, explore the most authentic culture, get lost in the most fabulous scenery in Tibet.

Tibet Cycling Tours

Cycling in Tibet is very popular both among the youth and the elder. Cycling in the Tibetan Plateaus from Lhasa to Kathmandu is an awe-inspiring experience and a must for adventure cyclists. Riding to Everest Base Camp is a spectacular feature of our tour. The cycling routes from Chengdu to Lhasa via 318 National Highway are also highly recommended. The scenery is stunning with a stretch of grand mountains and boundless wild grassland. The Tibet cycling holiday offers some great physical and spiritual challenges as you are riding a bike on “the Roof of the World”.

Mount Kailash Tours

Tibet is a sacred place and abundant of holy peaks. Mount Kailash(6,638m) is revered as the holiest destination of pilgrimage to Tibetans. Attracted by breathtaking mountain scenery and palpable sense of holiness in this particular region, numerous tourists flock to Darchen (4,675m) to have a try of the ultimate 3-day kora around Mt. Kailash. It takes you to explore the navel of universe believed by Tibetans and Hindus. With thin air and extreme altitude (4,720m on average), it’s truly a test of mind and body as you tread on mountain trails. However, the impressive and divine experience is incomparable elsewhere.

Tibet Festival Tours

Travelers interested in traditional festivals and customs of Tibet should not miss interesting Tibetan festivals. The best ones to visit Tibet are the famous Tibetan New Year, Saga Dawa Festival (religious month) and Shoton Festival (yogurt festival). Most Tibetan festivals are celebrated according to Tibetan calendar which is quite different from western ones. Therefore, travelers should first check the updated Tibetan lunar calendar’s festival when making a tour plan to Tibet. The festivals are the time for people to get together, dancing and singing. Traditional festivals mostly have things to do with religion. However, nowadays, the festivals also celebrated for folk-custom and entertainment. Check the following tours, you may find one you are interested in.

Tibet Winter Tours

Tibet in winter enjoys warm sunshine and clear blue sky. Travel to Tibet in winter is a different experience. You may see a stretch of bald mountains covered in angel cake icing, and the tiny villages with temples and cattle walls barely poking above the ocean of snow. The daytime sun is now just the right temperature for walking or cycling unlike the burning sunshine in summer, and it casts sparkling clarity on photographs. Without the summer crowds, you have the chilly corridors and sun-washed paths of Potala Palace almost to yourself, and you don’t have to line up.

Tibet-Nepal Tours

Nepal and Tibet share a Highway from Lhasa to Kathmandu, which covers most of Tibet’s main historical sites, offers superb natural scenery of the great Himalayan range and features a spectacular roller-coaster ride down into the Kathmandu valley. Tibet-Nepal Tours will allow tourists to experience exotic culture and spectacular nature, such as like religious monasteries and historic cities, and natural landscapes, such as snow-capped mountains, sacred lakes, vast prairie, and lush forest.

Yunnan – Tibet Tours

A marvelous tour takes you to discover two most attractive plateau destinations in western ChinaYunnan & Tibet. You will be amazed by both breathtaking landscape and rich cultural experience (diverse ethnic minorities with colorful activities). The Colorful Yunnan is blessed with numerous ancient towns, mirror-like lakes, grand gorges and snow mountains, stone forests, culture relics and diverse ethnic minority groups-Yi, Bai, Naxi, Tibetan, etc. Reach the roof of the world-Tibet to feel strong Buddhism atmosphere and holy lakes, rivers, snow mountains. we would like to facilitate your Yunnan and Tibet tour by offering services ranging from Tibet Travel Permit application, Tibet train and flight booking and hand-picked Yunnan-Tibet tour packages, and plenty of useful insiders’ travel tips. The overland and flight tours from Kunming, Lijiang and Shangri-La to Lhasa as well as the tours from Lhasa to Shangri-laLijiang and Kunming are the best choices for you.

China Tibet Tours

Get over the wall for a life-changing adventure through China’s awe-inspiring interior. Explore the unforgettable city of Beijing and meet pandas at a breeding center in Sichuan. Discover daily life in Tibet and cruise the incredible Yangtze River on a riverboat. Cycle atop the city walls of Xi’an, and face its standing army of terracotta warriors before eating lunch with a local family. Get into China’s very heart and it will most certainly get into yours.

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