The Best Time to Visit Ngari

The best time to visit Ngari is from May to October, when the summer sun melts the snow and roads and highways are free to pass. Look at red leaves in autumn and wild flower carpets in spring.

Ngari region is located in the northern Qinghai-Tibet plateau-the core of Qiangtang plateau. It is one of the regions with the lowest population density in the world and has unique plateau natural features. The Himalayas, the Gangdise Mountains and other mountains are in Ngari, so they are called “the ancestors of all mountains”.

Ngari Weather introduction

Ngari belongs to category II wind area, with annual average wind speed above 3.2 meters per second, gale frequency above 8, and annual gale days around 149 days. The annual average temperature is 0℃, and the daily average temperature varies greatly. Attention should be paid to heat preservation.

Ngari’s annual rainfall is quite small and seasonal. From October to April of the following year, the rainfall only accounts for 10% ~ 20% of the whole year, while from may to September, the rainfall is very concentrated, generally accounting for more than 80% of the annual rainfall.

Due to its high altitude, cold and dry climate, Ngari  region has relatively little rainfall and large temperature difference between day and night. Ngari ‘s winter is long and cold.

Four Seasons of Ngari 


Average temperature: -18℃ ~ 8℃, slightly cold

Ngari in March and April is in early spring, with low temperature and  ice along the way when you travel. there will be rain and snow on the mountain. the temperature will start to rise after May, and the feeling of early summer will be felt after the middle of may.It is not recommended to travel here during this period of time, because the temperature difference between day and night is too large, and it is easy to get sick. moreover, the temperature is still relatively low at this time. the ice and snow in many places have not melted completely, and many scenic spots and roads have not been opened yet.


Average temperature: 0℃ ~ 22℃, hot during the day and cold at night

June to August is the peak period of Ngari tourism. at this time,  Ngari has pleasant temperature, abundant sunshine, but abundant rain, and is prone to landslides, mudslides and other disasters. if there is heavy rain and other weather, you must not choose to take risks. Life comes first when you go out.This period of time is very suitable for traveling here.


Average temperature: -2℃~ 21℃, cool and pleasant

During September to October, the temperature on Ngari is also very mild, while the amount of rain decreased and travel was safer. After entering late October, the winter on Ngari will come gradually. It will be very cold to travel to Ngari at this time.


Average Temperature : -2℃ ~ 21℃, it is freezing

Most areas of Ngari in winter are covered with ice and snow, the temperature is very low, and many mountain roads are blocked due to snow and ice. For inexperienced people, it is not recommended to travel to Ngari in winter.


Due to its high altitude and cold climate, the best time to go to Ali is from may to September every year. After September, snow will fall in Ali area. Personally, I think June and September are the best two months, because one is before the rainy season and the other is after the rainy season.

No matter what month you go to Ali, down jacket is a must-have because of high altitude, low temperature and large temperature difference between morning and evening. In addition, waterproof charge clothes and shoes are also necessary. In addition, prepare some commonly used drugs, because Ali’s medical conditions are too poor.

Useful Travel Tips for your Tibet Ngari Travel

  • Because of individual differences, individuals will have slight high reaction, such as low fever and dizziness. The body will have a process of gradual adjustment. Of course, if you have a cold and a high fever, you have to see a doctor in time. You can’t delay getting sick in Tibet, because it is easy to cause pulmonary edema and cerebral edema, and you can’t joke about your life.
  • A few days before the trip, you can eat some rhodiola rosea. When traveling, you can bring a little glucose. Glucose is very effective. You can prepare more. It is very useful for dizziness. It is better to buy more sets of clothes. In addition, cold medicine, antipyretics, antiviral oral liquid and oxygen bottles need to be prepared.
  • Fruits need to be prepared by oneself. Tibet is short of materials. Many fruits are not fresh and expensive. It is suggested to bring two boxes of fruits that can be stored for a long time, such as apples and pears. Those who like to eat snacks can bring them according to their hobbies! Food must be prepared for at least two days, in case of landslides on the road, traffic jam will be in trouble, you can go to the supermarket to supply food to the county seat!

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