Banbar County Attractions

Banbar County, (Tibetan: དཔལ་འབར་རྫོང་ Wylie dpal 'bar rdzong; Chinese: 边坝县; Pinyin: Biānbà Xiàn) is a county of the Chamdo Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region, the seat is the town of Banbar Town.

Attractions of Banbar County

Sanse Lake(三色湖): Sanse Lake is divided into black lake(黑湖), white lake(白湖) and yellow lake(黄湖), shining different colors in the sunshine, hence named Sanse Lake(三色湖).

Bianba City Scienc Resort(边坝小城): labels: Historic Sites, Address: Bianba City Scienc Resort, Banbar Town(边坝镇).