Cona County Overview

Cona County belongs to Lhoka City, south-east of Tibet Autonomous Region. It is located in the longitude 91°28′-94°22′, latitude between 26°25′-28°27′. There are so many attractive Scenic spots in Cuona County and it's also rich in animal and plant resources. Tourists not only can enjoy natural scenery and ethnic culture, but also can visit the Buddha shrine in Cona County. 

 Basic Information of Cona County

  • Chinese Name: 错那县
  • Opening Time:All Day Long
  • Areas: 34,979 km²
  • Population: 15,277
  • Dialing code: (+86) 0893
  • Zip code: 856700

Climate in Cona County

The climate in Cona County can be roughly divided into two different types. In the northern foot of Himalaya Range is subtropical mountain semi-humid climate; in the northern foot of Himalaya Range is plateau cold climate. The former is characterized by wet and rainy. With less sunshine, it doesn’t have clear dry and wet season; the latter is dry and clod. With less rain and sunshine, Strong winds and snow disaster occur fluently during winter. Cona County is 4380 meters above sea level, so it is very cold all the year round. The annual frost free period of Cona County is 42 days and average annual rainfall is 384.3 mm. The average annual temperature is -0.6℃. The hottest month average temperature is 7.8℃ and the maximum temperature is 18℃(September 3, 2007); The lowest average temperature is -10℃ and the minimum temperature is -37℃ (December 20, 1981). Natural disasters are mainly earthquakes, tornadoes, water, snow, hail, frost, insects and drought. The best time to visit Cona County is from June to August.

Attractions in Cona County

• Kangto Mountain(康格多山): at 7,060 metres (23,163 ft), it is on the border of Northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

• Lebugou(勒布沟): it is the major settlements of Moinba nationalities (门巴族). They have their own dialects, cultures, costumes, etc... Tourists can appreciate beautiful scenery and taste a bowl of thick green naked wine and local reeky buckwheat cake here.

• Ancient Sea-buckthorn Forest(古沙棘林): with more than 1000 years of history, it covers 800 acres. Local people call Sea-buckthorn as "Lasin" which means the soul tree in Tibetan Language.

• Nariyongcuo Lake(拿日雍措): it is the largest lake in Cona County. In winter,  the lake froze more than a dozen centimeters and people can reach the central island to play.  

• Langbo Town(浪波乡): it is the main border village of our county which has  long border line.  Tourists not only can enjoy the original ecological landscape, but also can experience hot spring in Dasang hole(达桑洞藏). 

• There are many temples in Cona County for tourists have religious tour such as Zhare Temple(扎热寺), Juela Temple(觉拉寺) and Gongbazi Temple(贡巴孜寺). 

Travel Tips

•The Best Travel Time: from June to August 

•Avoid High Altitude Sickness: because of the high altitudes climatic conditions of Cona County, visitors should pay attention to the prevention and cure of the syndromes including headache, dizziness, flustered, shortness of breath, the plateau response, especially people who have chronic respiratory disease or cardiovascular disease. In addition, bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content, like chocolate for fluid loss and energy consumption usually accompany the acclimatization process. Above all, taking a good rest is the most important.

Due to Tibetan elevation and strong UV, you had better bring sunglasses, gloves and high-quality sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher with you to avoid any direct exposure to the sun.

‣ Please try you best to respect the local folk customs, especially their religious belief and taboos when you traveling in Tibet.

‣ Don’t touch Tibetan’s head and shoulder without permission

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