Cona County Climate

The climate in Cona County can be roughly divided into two different types. In the northern foot of Himalaya Range is subtropical mountain semi-humid climate; in the northern foot of Himalaya Range is plateau cold climate. The former is characterized by wet and rainy. With less sunshine, it doesn’t have clear dry and wet season; the latter is dry and clod. With less rain and sunshine, Strong winds and snow disaster occur fluently during winter. Cona County is 4380 meters above sea level, so it is very cold all the year round. The annual frost free period of Cona County is 42 days and average annual rainfall is 384.3 mm. The average annual temperature is -0.6℃. The hottest month average temperature is 7.8℃ and the maximum temperature is 18℃(September 3, 2007); The lowest average temperature is -10℃ and the minimum temperature is -37℃ (December 20, 1981). Natural disasters are mainly earthquakes, tornadoes, water, snow, hail, frost, insects and drought. The best time to visit Cona County is from June to August.

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