Dagze District Dining

There are many recommended specialties and some famous  restaurants in Dagze County.

Xixian Specialties Restaurant(西咸特色食府): Located in front of Sanga Monastery(桑阿寺), No. 21 Deqing Road(德庆路21号), Dagze County.

Deqing Zhaxi Tibetan Restaurant(德庆扎西藏餐): Located in Sanga Road(桑阿路), Dagze County, Lhasa

Nimu Heju Restaurant(尼木合聚饭馆): Located in No. 318 China National Highway(318国道)

Linxia Star-and-Moon Restaurant(临夏星月餐厅): Located in Sanga Road(桑阿路), Dagze County, Lhasa

Luosi Restaurant(罗寺饭馆): Located nearby the intersection of Deqing East Road(德庆东路), Sanga Road, Dagze County

Dinning in Dazge County

Yak butter(酥油) which has a high nutritional value is extracted and purified from cows and sheep's milk. The daily heat of the Tibetan masses is ingested from the yak butter, except for the meat. There are many ways to eat the yak butter, mainly for the buttered tea.

Tea is processed into many different varieties in Tibet, and the most common are buttered tea, sweet tea and green tea.

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