Dagze District Shopping

In Tibetan, there are some amazing local products and local specialties for visitors to appreciate and purchase as the memorial souvenirs. Here, we recommend some as the top choice for visitors to have a reference.

Honk Los Shoes(嘎洛鞋) is a kind of shoe worn by Tibetan women. Legend has it that Princess Wencheng(文成公主) brought it down when she entered Tibet. Covered with white Tibet wool, the shoe has black cow leather on the heel and the slightly upturning toe cap. The sole of Honk Los Shoes(嘎洛鞋)is glued by the multi-layer cowhide, sewn with the bull-rope, strong and beautiful. If tourists buy a pair, they will enjoy the pleasure of doing as the Romans do when in Rome.

The production of gold and silver ware(金银器) is the most complicated and difficult traditional technology in Tibetan handicraft industry. The main tool is the hammer and knife, as well as the stove, the bellows, etc. There are two steps in the process, first putting the gold and silver in the charcoal fire, and then using a hammer to hammer it thousands of times to make the semi-finished product. Then, carve exquisite pictures in the semi-finished product carefully to make the finished product. There are many elegant carvings in the silver products like the bracelets, necklaces, hair ornaments, knife pins, wine glasses and other gold silverware.

Kadian(卡垫) is a kind of mini Tibetan carpet in Tibetan language, using as the bedding in Tibetan family. Kadian(卡垫) which has the history of over 600 years is woven into a soft, beautiful and strong Tibetan carpet with a Tibetan ethnic style. In addition to self-sufficiency, it is also traded to Europe, the United States, Japan, India, Nepal and other countries.

Yak butter(酥油) which has a high nutritional value is extracted and purified from cows and sheep's milk. The daily heat of the Tibetan masses is ingested from the yak butter, except for the meat. There are many ways to eat the yak butter, mainly for the buttered tea.

Tibetan Tea(藏茶) is processed into many different varieties in Tibet, and the most common are buttered tea, sweet tea and green tea.

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