Dengqen County Dining

Most visitors to Chamdo find the flavor of its food tends to be spicy, quite similar to that of Sichuan Cuisine. On the other hand, because most of food materials are transported from other place, the supply may be interrupted by bad weather. Therefore, the price is relatively high. Local Tibetans still depends on traditional Tibetan food such as Zanba (roasted barley flour), buttered tea, and air-dried meat. There are many Tibetan restaurants that provide traditional Tibetan food. 

Recommended Food in Dengqen County

Roasted Barley flour (糌粑) and Buttered Tea (酥油茶)
The two are usually served together. Roasted barley flour is the staple food of Tibetan. And buttered tea is a typical Tibetan drink made from butter and strong tea, which are stirred and mixed into cream.  

Air-dried meat (风干肉)
Air-dried meat is also a popular foodstuff in Tibet. It is usually made at the year end when temperature is below zero. Fresh beef or mutton are sliced and air-dried. The nutrition of meat therefore is preserved. Tender, and fragile, it has unique taste.

Recommended Restaurants  in Dengqen County

Anduo Jixiang Restaurant(安多吉祥饭店): Located in 317 national highway, Dengqen County, Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet

Dianqing Gaoyuan Restaurant(点清高原饭馆): Located near 317 National Highway, Dengqen County, Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet

Sanhe Restaurant(三和饭馆): Located in 317 National Highway, Dengqen County, Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet

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