Dengqen County Attractions

Cultural relics of Dengqen County

▪ Zezhol Monastery(孜珠寺)is situated on the famous sacred Zezhol Mountain rising 4800 meters above sea level, at Dengqen County of Qamdo prefecture in Tibet. It is one of monasteries with highest elevation in Tibet, as well as one of oldest and most important monasteries of Tibetan Bon Religion, the oldest indigenous religion in Tibet. Zezhol Monastery boasts a history of over 3,000 years. It was then rebuilt by an eminent hierarch in 14th century when it began to take shape with scriptures and Buddha statues. Today it is presided by the 43rd Zezhol Living Buddha, the abbot of the monastery. 

▪ Naizha Momani Stone Heaps(乃查莫玛尼堆)is one of the largest and most famous Mani Heaps in Tibet, which is located 30 km southeast of Dengqen County.

Natural Landscapes of Dengqen County

▪ Bujia Snow Mountain(布加雪山), located in western Dengqen County, 180 km away from the county seat with an altitude of 6328 meters. Bujia Snow Mountain is the most famous Tibetan Bon religious land, and the highest mountain in east Tibet, which has a peculiar terrain features and different shapes looking from different directions.

▪ Butuo Lake(布托湖)is located about 25 km north of Dengqen County, and is a general term for the two alpine lakes, "butuocuoqing"(布托措青) and "butuocuoqiong"(布托措穷), which are upstream of Lancang River(澜沧江).