Doilungdeqen District Overview

Doilungdeqen District is a district in Lhasa prefecture-level city, Tibet, north-west of the main center of Chengguan, Tibet.  In Tibetan language, Doilungdeqen is said to mean "valley of bliss". As of the total population are over 48,696, mostly ethnic Tibetans engaged in agriculture.


Doilungdeqen District was used by the Tibetan kings as a source of food for Lhasa because of its unique climate. Annual mean temperature is 7 °C (45 °F), with temperatures in January falling below −10 °C (14 °F). The winter is long and summer is short. With the annual sunshine hours up to 3000 hours, frost free period of about 120 days and the average annual rainfall of about 440 mm, Doilungdeqen District is famous for its agriculture. 

The Main Attractions in Doilungdeqen District

 The main attractions in Doilungdeqen District include Tsurphu Monastery(楚布寺), Sangmu Folk Custom Village (桑木民俗自然村), Maxiang Unconformity Contact Nature Reserve(马乡不整合自然保护区), Qiusang Hot Spring(邱桑温泉) and Xiongbalaqu Holy Water(雄巴拉曲神水).

Tsurphu Monastery(楚布寺) built in 1189 and treated as a regional cultural relic reserve. It opened the Tibet Living Buddha Reincarnation system.

Sangmu Folk Custom Village (桑木民俗自然村) where you can appreciate the Tibetan Opera and traditional Tibetan lifestyle.

Maxiang Unconformity Contact Nature Reserve(马乡不整合自然保护区)is a wonderful summer resort which perfectly preserves the original nature.

Festivals and Activities

Ongkor festival is usually in the end of summer. During this festival, one person from each family in village participate on kora in the fields. People in procession dress traditional clothes and play different roles - warriors, riders, drummers and prayers or monks. You can enjoy many different disciplines of traditional Tibetan singing, dancing, art of debate, dressing and praying in this festival. 

Travel Tips

  • the best time to travel in Doilungdeqen District is summer and autumn. 
  • If you are interested in the Tibetan opera, Sangmu Folk Custom Village is a good choice for you to enjoy.
  • If you want to appreciate the original nature beauty, you can visit the Maxiang Unconformity Contact Nature Reserve.

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