Gar County Dining

Here, we offer three famous restaurants in Zanda County for visitors to have a good meal.

Xueyu Tibetan Restaurant(雪域藏餐): Located in No. 13 Wenhua Road, Gar County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet

Dongfeng Restaurant(东风餐馆): Located in the junction of Jianshe Street and Wenhua Road, Gar County, Tibet

Futian Restaurant(福田餐厅): Located in the north of Yingbin Road, Gar County, Tibet

Tibetan Blowing Pork Liver and Lung
Alternate name: Pickled pork liver and lung
Main materials: pork liver and lung
Features: This tasty, cool and appetizing food will be pickled for about one month. It can be taken at any time you want to eat and also it can be stored for a long time.
Directions: Slice up the pickled pork liver and lung after cooking thoroughly. Then add bruised ginger to let it become cold food.
Tibetan Tuba (Dumpling)
Main materials: Flour, stuffing, etc.
Story of Tuba: Tibetan tuba is similar to dumpling. Like the Han people putting coin in the dumpling, there are also pebbles, hot peppers, charcolad, woolen yarn, etc. in tuba. They represent different specific meaningss. The peddle means hard-hartedness; hote pepper, sharp tongue; charcoal, black-heartedness; Woolen yarn, kindess. The Tibetan tuba is usually enjoyed in December, 29 in the lunar month.
The Tibetan Tuba is a kind of recreational food, Since there are peddles, charcoals, etc, in it, please be careful when eating. Spit them out if you get them and share the indication of the coming year.
Buttered Tea
Buttered tea is the most typical Tibetan drinks. Ghee fragrant and strong tea and salt taste is very special. For the first time try probably drink not to spoil.
Air-dried Meat
Dried meat is very typical of a Tibetan food. At the end of each year, when the temperature is below zero, the Tibetan will cut the beef and mutton into small pieces for beef and mutton, and the hanging in the shade, let it dry naturally. It will done in the coming February and March.