12 Days Tibet Tour with the Historical Relics along the Brahmaputra River

This 12-day Tibet tour begins with the cultural touring of Lhasa that includes Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and other regular sites and then heads eastwards to Nyingchi- the farthest destination of this trip. On the way, you will visit the beautiful Draksum Tso Lake, Great Cypress Nature Reserve and Lulang forest Area. On return, you will take the southern route via Kyimpong and Gyatsa Xian, following the banks of Yarlung Zangbo River all the way up to Tsedang-the gateway to the ancient Yarlung Kingdom to see all the first Tibet monastery and palace.


  • Soak up in peaceful and pilgrimage atmosphere in Lhasa city, especially in Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street;
  • Enjoy stunning scenery of Yamdrok Lake and Karo-la Glacier;
  • Explore the feature Palcho Monastery in Gyantse and the home of the Panchen – Tashilumpo Monastery in Shigatse;

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa
  • Day 2 Lhasa
  • Day 3 Lhasa
  • Day 4 Lhasa – Nyingchi
  • Day 5 Nyingchi Tour – Great Cypress Nature Reserve Area
  • Day 6 Nyingchi (3100m) to Gyatsa ( 330km, 7hrs)
  • Day 7 Gyatsa to Tsedang
  • Day 8 Tsedang Tour – Samye Monastery
  • Day 9 Tsedang (3515m) to Gyantse
  • Day 10 Gyantse (3950m) to Shigatse (3900m)
  • Day 11 Shigatse (3900m) to Lhasa (3650m)
  • Day 12 Lhasa Departure

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Lhasa Arrival

Sightseeing and Activities:Yarlung Tsangpo River/ Bhamaputra river

Yarlung Tsangpo River in Lhoka

When you arrive in Lhasa either by train or flight, your guide will greet you and take you to your hotel. On the way, You catch the sight of Yarlung Tsangpo River/ Bhamaputra river (the Longest and largest river in Tibet) and Lhasa river.

After arrive in lhasa, you can take rest and acclimatize. If you feel to go out, then you can go to the Potala square, where you will enjoy the fountain with different colour and get amazing photos of the Potala and around.

Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Day 2 Lhasa

Sightseeing and Activities:Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street

Today’s tour will first bring you to the Potala Palace, the winter palace of the Dalai Lama. It has been used since the 7th Century by the 33rd great king of Tibet. The most valuable collection is the gilded burial stupas of past Dalai Lamas and meditation Cave of the 33rd great king of Tibet.

After you take lunch and then head to Jokhang Temple which was founded by the 33rd great king of Tibet in the 7th century, in order to promote the Buddhist religion. Inside you can see the statue of Buddha Sakyamuni at the age of twelve, perhaps the single most venerated object in Tibet Buddhism. Around the temple Barkhor Street where you can do kora (circling the Barkhor street) with pilgrims and locals and buy the souvenirs.

Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Day 3 Lhasa

Sightseeing and Activities:Drepung monastery, Sera Monastery

In the morning, you are going to visit Drepung Monastery which was one of the “three greet” Gelug monasteries of Tibet and was founded in 1416 by Jamyang choge, one of the Tsongkhapa’s main disciples. Ganden palace is used as Dalai lama’s palace in the Drepung before moving to the Potala palace.

Afternoon, Sera Monastery—It was one of the “three great” Gelug monasteries of Tibet and was founded in 1419 by Jamchen Chojey, one of the Tsongkhapa’s main disciples. The Most attraction is the Monks debate at around 3 – 5 in the afternoon.

Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Day 4 Lhasa- Nyingchi

Sightseeing and Activities: Basom tso Lake

Today we drive along the National Highway No. 318 from Lhasa to Bayi Town (Nyingchi). On the way, we will drive over the Mila pass (5013m) and reach Kongpo Gamda town.

Then head to the Basomtso Lake which is around 360km east of Lhasa. Basom tso Lake, situated at 3,500 meters above sea level, originates from Nyching Tangha Mountain and is dozen kilometers long. Snow-covered mountains, glaciers and trees are reflected upon the lake’s rippled surface. There are small islands in the middle of the lake with Lamaist temples built upon them.

Then we continue to drive along the Nyiyang Riveren route to Bayi town.

Stay overnight in Nyingchi.

Day 5 Nyingchi Tour – Great Cypress Nature Reserve Area

Sightseeing and Activities:Great Cypress Nature Reserve area, Mt. Namjia Bawa, Lunang Forest

Today, firstly we are about to visit the Great Cypress Nature Reserve area, which is 15 kilometers southeast of the Bayi Town, The king cypress in the reserve is about 50 meters tall and is about 2,500 years old.

Then we will drive to Sekyim la Pass (4720m) and enjoy the great Mt. Namjia Bawa (7,700m) in the distance.

After that, continue to drive to the bushy Lunang Forest with an elevation of 3700m, and it is a typical highland meadow strip, and both sides of Castle Peak from low to high from the dense bushes, spruce trees and pine. The distant clouds, the snow-capped mountains, the endless pines and the quiet pastoral displayed a beautiful landscape.

Then drive back to Nyingchi. Stay overnight in Nyingchi.

Day 6 Nyingchi (3100m) to Gyatsa ( 330km, 7hrs)

Sightseeing and Activities:Lama Ling Monastery, Yarlung Tsangpo River

After breakfast, as we drive through Nang county to Gyatsa, tourists will visit an ancient Lama Ling Monastery, which lies on the left bank of the lower reaches of Niyang River only 34km south of Bayi town. It belongs to the Nyingma sect and is surrounded by the dense forest. Lamaling Monastery enjoys important status in Tibetan Buddhism in Nyingchi.

Then drive along the bank of Yarlung Tsangpo River and the forest along the road gets fewer when you drive toward Gyatsa.

Stay overnight at Gyatsa.

Day 7 Gyatsa to Tsedang (3515m) (125km, 5hrs)

Sightseeing and Activities:Yambulakhang and Tradruk Temple

Today’s ride on the road is expected to get tougher as the twisted and dusty road climbs up the Po-dang la (5030m), the paved road will meet at the foot side of the hill.

The ancient capital Tsedang is beautifully situated in the fertile Yarlung valley, which is known as the cradle of Tibetan civilization. In Tsedang, you will visit the 1st ever Palace Yumbulakhang and Tradruk Temple.

Stay overnight at Tsedang.

Day 8 Tsedang Tour – Samye Monastery

Sightseeing and Activities:Samye Monastery

Today’s visit is to Samye Monastery which is the first Buddhism monastery in Tibet built in the 7th century, and the main temple is comprised of three different styles of Tibetan, Hans and India, and fantastic views of Yarlung Tsangpo river can be enjoyed all along the road.

Stay overnight at Tsedang.

Day 9 Tsedang (3515m) to Gyantse (3950m)

Sightseeing and Activities:Yamdrok-tso, Karo La Glacier

Today, tourists can see lots of beautiful scenery on the way while we drive to Gyantse. Passing over the Gampala pass (4790 m),you have a glimpse of Yamdrok-tso (4400m) .The Lake is surrounded by many snow-capped mountains and in the distance you have spectacular views of holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsar, (7191m) the highest mountain near Lhasa .

We head westward along the lake and appreciate Karola Glacier and later drive towards Gyantse. Gyantse was historically known as Tibet’s third largest city (after Lhasa and Shigatse).

Stay overnight in Gyantse.

Day 10 Gyantse (3950m) to Shigatse (3900m)

Sightseeing and Activities:Pelkor Monastery, Tashi Lhunpo monastery

In the morning, firstly we are going to visit the famous Pelkor Monastery(also known as Gyantse Kumbum).

After one and half hour’s driving, we will reach Shigatse. In Shigatse, you will visit the famous Tashilhunpo Monastery where you can see the well preserved largest statue of Jampa (future Buddha) in the world. This monastery is the seat of Tibet’s second highest incarnation, the Panchen Lama.

Stay overnight in Shigatse.

Day 11 Shigatse (3900m) to Lhasa (3650m)

Sightseeing and Activities: Yarlung Tsangpo River/ Bhamaputra river

Today, we will drive back to Lhasa on the friendship Highway. The whole distance is almost 280km and it takes 6 hours along the Yarlung Tsangpo River/ Bhamaputra river (the Longest and largest river in Tibet).

Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Day 12 Lhasa Departure

Sightseeing and Activities:None

You will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight to next destination.

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