Karub District Shopping

There are various special local products in Qamdo Karub District, such as Schizothorax Fish in Nujiang River(怒江裂腹鱼), Tibetan Pigs, Qamdo Drunk Pear, Qamdo Saussurea Involucrata. But please remember, bargaining with the vendors is always necessary. It is recommended that you walk clockwise around then to see the vendors. One more tip, you'd better go shopping on this street in the morning or evening for Tibetan people value their first or last cuntomer highly.

Special Local Product
Schizothorax Fish in Nujiang River(怒江裂腹鱼)
Schizothorax is a genus of cyprinid fish from Central and East Asia. Their scientific name means "cloven-breast".

Tibetan Pigs(藏乳猪)
Tibetan Pig is a must dish with a good taste to serve for guests.

Qamdo Drunk Pear(昌都醉梨)
The pear smells good, even you can’t taste its vinosity when you eat, but after a while you will be drunk, it is said that the god used pear rather than wine in order to greet the group of Wen Cheng princess, this is Qamdo drunk pear.

Tibetan Medicine – Saussurea Involucrata
The Saussurea Involucrata is also named snow rabbit, snow lotus, thumb flower etc. It is the plant in Composite family. In Tibet, there are 83 kinds Saussureae plants with alpine plant characteristics. Among them, there are 30 kinds named Saussurea Involucrata. The Saussurea Involucrata is cespitose herb which stem is about 1cm to 30 cm. The stem is straight, with withered petiole on the base part. The leaves of Saussurea Involucrata is very dense and in the shapes of long circle or cochlear, with blunt apex and serrulate edge. The base part gradually becomes narrower and forms petiole. The bud is on the end of the stem, in the shape of wide tube. The bracts of the bud are ovate-lanceolate or linear-oblong. The apex of the bract is acute. The small flowers in the bud are amaranth, about 10mm long. The pappus is hazel. The achene is black, about 3cm to 4cm long.

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