Karub District Travel Tips

Want to Know More about Qamdo Karub District !

There are few more things that you need to know that will make your travel more fascinating and smooth. Like in all other parts of Tibet, the temperature here is also close to 100 C and summers is the best time to plan a trip to Qamdo city. The city is the best place in entire Tibet to shop for traditional and modern clothing. Women and youngsters alike, are attracted a lot to these garment shops. Art lovers will find a paradise in Garma Town, which produces few of the most stunning thangka paintings. And for people more into sculptures, Chaidui Wendangang Village is the best spot for purchasing marvelous Buddha sculptures. The city is one of the most developed city in Tibet, so options for entertainment are also very vast. In the evening time, catch a live performance of the famous Repa dance in the Dingqen area which definitely is going to be excellent. The time required to cover the entire city is around 2 days without the nearby excursions. With them, at least keep aside 4 days.