Lhozhag County Shopping

In Lhoka Lhozhag County, you can find many traditional and local handicrafts such as Tibetan knives and Tibetan carpets as well as gold, silver, and copper wares. Clothing, handicrafts, religious vessels, carpets, knives, and many other commodities are sold in the county. Tourists can purchase some rings, earrings, decorations, knives, chopsticks, pots, and bowls as souvenirs.

Saussurea involucrate(雪莲) is a kind of herbaceous plant which has always been a symbol of holiness in Tibet area because it survives in the snow mountain. Saussurea involucrate grows at an altitude of 4,800-5,800 on the high mountains and in the rubble near the snow line. It is characterized by its long-term growth in alpine cold and drought conditions.

Tibetan knife(藏刀): Tibetan Knife is a necessity in Tibetan people's daily life. The scabbards are made of silver or copper and, decorated with images of dragons, phoenixes, tigers, lions, flowers, and so on. The knives are elegant and beautiful. In addition, the blades are very sharp!

Tibetan Carpet(藏毯): Tibetan Carpet is another feature of Saga. The colorful carpets and rugs are considered to be among the Three Famous Carpets in the world. Now, more and more visitors prefer to purchase these unique and traditional carpets as keepsakes.

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