Lhozhag County Attractions

Lhoka Lhozhag County, as a wonderful and brilliant place, is famous for its original Tibetan temple and religious customs. There are lots of attractive sights for tourists to have a pleasant trip.

  • Kajiu Temple(卡久寺):this temple is 3996 meters above sea level. Surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers, tourists can appreciate the beautiful scenery and original religious custom. 
  • Sangha Guduo Temple(桑嘎古朵寺):with unique architectural style, this temple has an important position in the history of Buddhism. There are many murals which display the scenes of local people welcome the Buddha.
  • Lalong Temple(拉隆寺):built in twelfth Century,  this temple collected numerous cultural relics, especially the precious kitchen statue has high research value. 
  • Luozhuowolong temple(沃卓卧龙寺):built in 11th Century, it's an important temple for studying the history in Lhozhag County.